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Have a look at our handpicked list of unusual baby names to help you choose a maiden name for your newborn. Over 100 maiden names so far in 2018 Top 10 of the most favorite maiden names have stayed quite similar to Top 10 of the most favorite maiden names of 2017. Among the non-movers is Olivia, who stays in first place, with Amelia still in 2nd place and in 5th place. In 2018 there were some new additions to the top 10, with Mia up 5 places to 7th place and Isabella up 9th.

A few more uncommon names are taking the chart by storm and are enjoying a significant increase in favor. Hallelujah's gone up a whopping 44 places to 86. The Aurora is also on the advance by 53 places to place 82. This is Edie's new top 100 start at 98. Has there been a new baby girl name buzz?

Among the maiden names to look for this year are "old lady", but fancy names that find their way back to fame, with names like Ada as a new addition to the top 100 at 74th place, unbelievable 60 places higher and Bonnie 11 places higher than 77. Juliet is also making a 16-place return to become a new top 100 favorite girl's name in the 93rd place.

Names of the Edgians are also on the advance, among them Meinla with 31 places to get into the top 100 with 97, and Nevaeh is another new addition with 84 places to 30. This year, the trend is also towards tradition names such as Clara and Arabella. When you are looking for a less commonly used name that your little one doesn't have to divide with several others in the room, there is a choice of names that will wear off that might suit your little one.

Formerly beloved names like Amy and Jasmine have each lost more than 30 places and are no longer near the top 100. Others who are not among the 100 most beloved names are Eden, Ariana, Harley, Autumn, Skyla and Elise. Even to vanish from the top 100 names in 2018, are once very beloved names like Maddison and Megan, which only hold at 99 and 100 both have lost more than 10 places.

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