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Newborn Baby Girl Needs

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Groin fracture in a girl

It' been diagnoses that your baby has a hernias. It is a quite frequent issue and every sixth preemie gets a hernias. Her baby needs surgery to cure the hernias. Is there a hernias? The baby's last has formed a small opening in the muscles.

Part of the bowel protrudes through this orifice. It is not known why this is the case for some infants but not for others. What is an surgery necessary for? As a rule, the intestines in the inguinal hernias move quite slightly in and out of the belly. In some cases, the bowel may get trapped in the groin fracture, causing constipation and possibly intestinal injury.

In this case, it may be necessary to perform an urgent operation and the bowel may be injured. About half of the females have an ovarian wall in their inguinal hernias, and there is a real possibility of twisting the ovaries. In this case, the fracture is very sensitive and there is a chance that the baby will loose the ovaries.

Our goal is to fix your baby's groin fracture before any of these problems occur. Where' s the procedure? Her baby will be placed in the newborn ward at Princess Anne Hospitals, Southampton, on the date of your procedure. When your baby is still in a newborn ward in another clinic, it will be moved to the Princess Anne Clinic.

When your baby is at home, you will be given information about where and when to take your baby to us. You' ll also get directions on when your baby should stop breastfeeding before the operation. However, you should keep giving your baby plenty of fluids until you reach the newborn ward.

Both you and your baby see the plastic surgeon as well as the anaesthesiologist who will tell you about the surgery and the anesthetic. Surgery is performed later on the same date. How does the surgery work? An incision is made in the baby's inguinal region under anaesthesia, the muscular cavity is fixed with sutures and the membrane is sealed with sutures under the mat.

Anesthetics are also used to anaesthetise the baby's cutaneous area and relieve pains that the baby feels after awakening. The baby will then be awakened and will return to the high nursing crib. And what happens after the operation? From time to time we know that after anaesthesia a baby may have a respiratory abnormality for a few short periods, so your baby will be watched closely for symptoms of apnea (irregular breathing).

Breast-feed can be given as soon as your baby wants it. Normally, your baby should be prepared to go home or go back to your newborn ward the next day. Which are the implications and hazards of the surgery? As a rule, the surgery is very uncomplicated. However, small infants may experience problems.

A wound infection could appear which leads to reddening and suppuration a few weeks after the procedure and requires the use of an antibiotic. Bruises at the site of repairs to the hernias can be very pronounced and lead to a number of infants becoming swollen. Rarely, the fracture may return and further surgical intervention may be necessary.

It can even be done within one to two days after the procedure. Even though most infants only have a single groin fracture on one side, some have a groin fracture on both sides at the moment of treatment. When this is the case with your baby, both your back and leg will be repaired during a single procedure.

A few infants who have only one inguinal hernias at the beginning will have another inguinal hernias within the next two years, which will require later surgery. It is very rare for a girl with a hernias to have masculine chromosomal matter. However, a biopsy to examine the baby's Chromosome can be performed to rule out this disease.

Our usual practise is to perform this test before the operation and this will be talked over with you. How can I best take good care of my baby after the operation? The baby can be given a bath as usual, although there may be plenty of urine on the wounds for the first two and a half day. They can give your baby acetaminophen as directed every sixhrs for 24 - 48hrs.

Which aftercare will there be for my baby? Approximately 6 week after the surgery, we will ensure that your baby is cared for by a physician. Published guidance is not meant to be binding instructions that define a unique course of action, and deviations from applicable guidance should be fully recorded in the patient's case note at the point of making the appropriate decisions.

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