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Clothes for Baby Designers - Girls Designer Children's Clothes - Boys Designer Children's Clothes - Summer Sale. They had to make a heart-rending choice to turn off lifesupport for babies as young as 12 years. One mother, whose little girl dies at the age of 12 only, tells an investigation about the heart-rending choice to turn off her livelihood. Monsieur Scarlett Marshall was killed at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester in September 2016. Ms Saunders and Scarlett's father Chris Marshall, of Gorton, Germany, chose to retire after Scarlett neglected to restore cerebral function nearly two wks after her birth.

During an investigation in the city of Manchester on Monday into the child's deaths, doctors said Miss Saunders was put in a "queue" and should have been taken to the labor room before. The next morning, the employees repeatedly tried to have Miss Saunders delivered, but were informed that this was not immediately possible, as they were informed.

Mrs Saunders was 37 months gestating when she was taken to St Mary's to be admitted on 12 September 2016. Believing that her water would be refracted the next morning, she was later said that the clinic was "too busy", it was overheard. Of course, the next morning Tina's water erupted and she was notified by physicians that she was put in a "queue" for it.

"Miss Saunders said at the interview, "I really wasn't feeling well and two hour later I started to tremble. "and I was said that my BP was high. "The request from St. Mary's Hospital employees revealed that September 18th was an unusually bustling year.

Immediately after the baby was born, Scarlett had to be revived and was moved to the hospital's newborn ward. said Miss Saunders at the hearing: "Mel Brignall, a St. Mary's obstetrician, took over Tina's supervision at 2 pm on the afternoons of September 18. That'?s what she said to the hearing: "Tina was a little bit surprising when I saw that she had still not been born - she had said that she felt uncomfortable and trembled.

" As midwife Brignall came back an hour later, she said she was "really surprised" when she saw that Tina had still not gone to the birth and asked for another one. The handover to the Deliverysuite finally took place 20 min later at 3.22 pm. "That was a particularly hard working day and Tina should have been moved sooner, but we had no free beds," she added.

"While I was concerned and asked to take her to the supply depot, I was informed that this would not be possible.

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