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Homepage / Collections / Sale Baby Girl. Selling Jacadi French designer clothes for boys and girls tries to attract attention! The eBay Baby Girl at Auction for 5k is the child of a recent German immigrant.

DAS Baby, which is for sale on eBay, is the daugther of a fugitive who has just landed in Germany, the cops have betrayed. Maria, a one-month-old baby - offered for sale for around 4,500 - has now been cared for while her whole familiy is being examined. Salesman added photos of dark-haired Maria in various pyjamas in the ad entitled: "Child, 40 day old, for sale by the name of Maria.....

"ln such a case, we will make available to the government all available information. Du Bois said that eBay was suffering from its fairly high proportion of bogus offers, which included both poorly crafted puns and attempted user cheating. Their opinion was that the baby was "physically healthy under the circumstances". At present, the infant is placed in a foster home, where it remains until the overall picture is cleared up.

Said Klaus Moennicks, 70, chair of the Christian Democratic Union of Duisburg's Rheinhausen neighborhood, where the Bertelsmann Stiftung members live: "In Germany, if the parent believes that he or she cannot properly take good good parent control of the baby, we have the option of abandoning the baby for adoptive parenting or of giving it to a foster parent.

" Mr Mennicks added that "the sale of babies and slave trade are definitely the wrong way".

Polizeisonde one-month little girl offered for sale on eBay for £4,500.

Law enforcement is looking into allegations that a month-old little girl was offered for sale on eBay for 5,000 euro (£4,510). Then the salesman added images of the dark-haired baby in various pyjamas to the list - with the deterrent title: "Child, 40-day-old baby called Maria... for sale". eBay deleted the listings within 30 min after it became virus free in online communities and online fora.

It' s not clear yet if the eBay salesman really wanted to make real cash with the baby - or if it was just a poor one. Mister Du Bois said eBay was suffering from its equitable proportion of hook lists, which included poorly written puns and attempted cheating people.

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