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baby-girl handbound

Set an example with this lavish bunch of brilliant rose, luxury bouquets. The new baby girl puts everyone in a festive atmosphere, so we have created this present to be brave, light and perfectly for the event. With cherry red gingerbread, rose oriented rosewood, rose petals and large head rose, bound by hands with pypsophila, jasmine leaf, gum leucalyptus and salt, in present box and decorated with rose organic band.

Littlehampton Flower Shop Baby Girl Gift Box

Due to the seasonality of flower production, it may be necessary to differentiate between the different logs. Experienced flower designers can replace bouquets with similar ones in terms of taste, value and value. If our design includes another article such as a gift box or shopping cart, it may not always be possible to use the precise article as shown.

In this case we will try to substitute the article with a proper one.


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