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Baby-girl toys

A 3-foot stuffed animal suffocated a baby girl to her death in a terrible Bettunfall. An infant was suffocated by her 3-foot tall bears when it dropped on her as she was sleeping in her crib. Now the young mother is resolved to alert other families to the drama so that another mother does not have to go through the same torture. On behalf of her daugther, she has created a Facebook page to draw attention to the danger of soft toys in cribs.

"On one side she had a cover and the smallest space from her side to her side and there I had put all her teddy bears. Hopefully the sad tale of my little girl can really help another baby's baby. It is recommended that a parent lie their baby on his or her back to start sleeping during the morning and evening.

It is not as sure for a baby to lie on his side or belly as it is to lie on his back. When a baby is curled up on its stomach, it is recommended that the parent turn it back on its back. As soon as your baby is old enough to turn around, you no longer have to bother whether he or she turns on his or her stomach or side while asleep.

When she relived the drama, she wrote: "On 6 March, 8 March.

I' m so happy and proud that you were my little girl. "Thanks for being the flawless and adorable baby. "Mama, Murray and Dior really miss you and miss you so much, baby! Hopefully you'll have a good time with the little girl. Have a good night, baby.

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