Baby Girl with Headband

Girl baby with headband

All babies don't like baby headbands, but if yours does, you're in luck! Mom arouses furious debates by asking: "Are baby browbands baby chavvy?" after her husbands used the "trashy" accessories as a brand.

One MUM triggered an angry discussion when she asked: "Are browbands baby chavvy?". She asked the other Mumsnet user the questions after she had put her baby in a blank headband and her man was "outraged. Humans responded quickly with their thoughts on hats, with the bulk of the answers against baby browbands.

"As for me, I find her completely absurd and terrible-looking." If I were here, I'd find it really irritating." I' m always sorry the baby's carrying her. They' re not something I would attract to a baby, and I think they' re a little nervous." "You can be sweet, provided the baby actually has hair."

Someone else agreed: "I think it's sweet. They used to be worn by my girls, maybe not with such a big loop, but I think they are nice. It'?s your baby, your choice." Meanwhile, an angry Mumsnet operator found out that her nanny had abandoned her baby to cry herself to who's right?

Headband sheet alarm - Baby girl dying of suffocation" | UK | UK | News

One MOTHER has released a security alert that infants are carrying large arch browbands after she alleges that her girlfriend's 14-week-old baby has choked while carrying one. Facebook's catastrophic mail has pushed up ten thousand stocks and sympathizers. Facebook Glasgow users wrote: "All new mothers please watch out. "for all mothers who have infants and wear the big arched browbands.

"As she looked after her, she had the arched headband over her little nostrils and her little mouths below and didn't move... she had died. "Mail murder unveiled the death by choking. "that some of these baby clothes may have."

And she added: "She only let the baby sleep for 30 minutes while she was showering and changing clothes, forgetting that 2 were removed from her headband and completely devistatized". Contribution was subsequently removed.

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