Baby Gold Accessories

Gold Baby Accessories

Explore the perfect fashion accessories for yourself and your friends at Claire's. The CHLOE Gold hardware nylon diaper bag. Browse through our range of accessories for your little ones today and find bibs, socks, gloves, babygrow and much more. Spot gold headband - Feefo logo. Gold-plated spiral cage earrings.

A BABY base with crystal and ENGRAVEM HALS (Silver 925, Rhodium or Gold Plated)

With our personalised baby foot necklace, you can show your children the way to the whole family. We' ve caught the sweetness of baby foot jewellery in this uniquely personalised part. To make this even more special, we have added two Swarovski crystals for a little added luster.

These necklaces are a great present for any mother out there.

tower of London offizieller Geschenkeshop

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weatherproof kids outerwear

The accessories are developed to make wearing them easy. Several of our carriages already contain accessories, they are included on each page, please call 0161 219 8648 for clarification. There may be a need to purchase accessories to prolong the use of your wearer for all four seasons. Please contact us for more information.

Please click here to see the apparel accessories. It' s shaped like a hooded and sleeved coat with a front zipper and fully covered the wearer. PU rain protection must be used in combination with a sunroof as it will fit over the top. Provides complete coverage of beam, porch and infant and has a clear PU opening front.

Ultraviolet sun/shower awning is a foldable roof that can be bought as an accessory for the micro-carrier family. It consists of light, shower-proof woven material with net sides and has SFF20. Manufactured from light, tested and approved quality polyamide with two grips, it holds all our baby porters in a "ready-made" shape and is not packaged even.

Most of our porters are equipped with foot straps that are attached to the sides of the porters to provide a more convenient journey for older kids. It acts like a handle and holds the child's legs in a reclining posture. You can buy foot loops as an option or as a substitute for loops.

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