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To drive longer in the car, you need a child car seat and should also consider:. Baby- and Toddler Vomiting | Causes and Treatments Normally an epileptic seizure does not last long and although it can be distressing in an infant, it is rarely a symptom of serious sickness. The majority of infants vomit or raise diseases from now on. Redeflux of acids may appear in infants and may lead to poseting after feeding.

Proper hygienic practices such as thorough handwashing with detergent and hot tap after dealing with soiled diapers can help stop the spread of GI, as the bacteria that cause it are usually transmitted from person to person. In rare cases, emesis can be a symptom of more serious diseases such as Meningitis, other infection or a blockage of the bowel.

If your baby becomes one of the following health warnings of a serious disease, call your general practitioner for help or take your baby to the next A&E hospital: One in 400 infants and young children are affected more than 3-6 week old females, but can be up to four month old.

When you think your baby has congenital heart disease, have him examined by your family doctor. Therapy includes hospitalization, where a small surgery is carried out under general anesthesia to break the muscles of the condyle, dilate them and allow the food to pass through. Infants under six month of age are at greater risk than older children of becoming dehydrated.

How can I help my baby if it throws up? Keeping your baby moist is important because if your baby throws up, it loses valuable liquids and it is important to substitute them. Medicines against emesis and diarrhea are not given to any child under the ages of 12. When your baby is solid, you should give him a dull 24-hour meal (e.g. plantain, paddy, rice etc.) as soon as he stops throwing up.

Extremely, it may be necessary to be hospitalized to cure this condition. When your baby goes to kindergarten or kindergarten, keep him or her at home 48hrs after the last vomit epidemic to avoid the spreading of the disease causing viruses.

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