Baby Inventions


The inventions are clever and save you valuable time and effort. The historical newspapers show fascinating pictures and reports about inventions. More ideas about inventions, animals and baby puppies can be found here.

Top 10 cool products for baby parenting

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10 of the strangest and most futile baby inventions ever made.

This is a great way to entertain your children on vacation. When you are something like us on vacation, you have a tendency to make your floors look a little chaotic. Unless you want to make a fool of yourself on the last night before cleaning, this practical baby pug will make your house look flawless!

Alternatively, you'll simply end up with a dirty baby that transfers all the filth to your front when you take it up. When a baby carrier bed and your baby's careful posture are not appealing, you may want to consider taking the Zaky child cushion with you on your next outing.

This soft artificial hand holds your baby in place and mimics the form and feeling of your own arm - ideal if you want to help your baby with a can of pint or a copy of Viz. When you go on vacation, but not to the beaches, you may miss trips on donkeys and horseback.

What do you think the hardest part of going on vacation is? We' ll tell you - total strangers holding you as you walk around, saying how "sweet" your baby is. Doesn't your baby pull his own body and slow down the group? When you want your baby to do some sports on vacation - and not have to stoop down all the while - why not put it in this walker and take it with you all the way?

Perhaps because a baby with a gangster life tagged with a tattoo is really well received on the Costa del Sol. When you fill a wading paddle with phlegm and want your kids to spin it on everything and everyone, this is the ideal home and vacation companion.

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