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Iansinoh - Fisher Price - The little green sheep - Mam - Nuk. Supermarket multipacks are ideal, you won't believe how cheap the non-branded packs are. This means that you can get a better price if you resell them. A new baby boy clothing collection. That bed and the bathroom that we have treated offer great products and good prices.

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We' re about to travel to Kalkan and have a little baby - can anyone tell me what diapers there are, what sizes and prices? Also for baby clothes? Can you buy porridge cream there? Is there any free from food at the mall? Since she was 11 month old, my granddaugher has been with my girl, and the diapers are the brand you get in the UK and similar prices.

Some private labels are cheap and just as good. There are also many baby cloths (there are 80 million humans in Turkey, so many babies). Last we saw a sales of cloths for 1 litre per package in Kipa last weekend (Kipa is Tesco). At the supermarket you can buy filled beer and baby bottle without salts.

Fruits and vegetables on the market places are as cheap, as good and as crisp as the stands are mostly used by farmers and small farmers. There are many glasses of baby foods in hypermarkets and many different makes you will know. so somebody else there can help.

They have soy whip. I know that. You can buy porridge cream at the local market. Please take your own milks with you, because any other kind of milks than cow's milks are difficult to find and expensive in Turkey. Yes, the local market sells: cream cheese ("Taze Sut"), all kinds of pasteurized cream boxes, soy cream, bright soy cream, rolled oats, coir, almonds, goats....and a few other varieties whose name I don't know - I've never seen a greater diversity of cream!

While we were there 12 nights ago, my stepdaughter was commenting on the huge selection of dairy in the Yali Super Market, all ut instead of staying cool, I didn't realize because we only consume virgin dairy or ut when we can't get virgin.

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