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Babies articles for sale

Free baby articles or for sale in the Swansea community group Baby bathtub with stands in perfect conditions from smokeless and pet-free home. Bathe currently 70 pounds in mums and dads and currently 35.99 pounds in Argos, so get a good deal! It was a really great bathroom to use with our baby. 3-in-1 Aquascale baby bathtub, includes built-in temperature gauge and non-slip insert for your safety.

Featuring its peculiar form and non-slip design, this Aqua Scale bathroom allows your child to take a safe and protected swim until they can be seated independently. While the baby is relaxing and playing in the tub, sway it with or without tap and adjust the scale to pounds or ounces to get an exact result.

The baby's body mass is logged so you can follow your child's progress. Make sure that the water is at the right water level before putting the baby in the tub with a built-in thermal gauge. They can also monitor the baby's entire bathing period and adapt it if necessary.

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Baby products for sale in Sale, Manchester/Switzerland

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