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Take pictures of a wish you want to sell! Facebook is the one I use to sell household items and I think it's excellent. Baby products for Sale in Cardiff When you click on a hyperlink or "Accept", you consent to the use of cookie and other technology by us and our affiliates to use your personally identifiable information to personalize your experiences and to provide you with customized advertisements on and outside our Web site. In addition, third parties with whom we work may place cookie files on your computer and use similar technology to gather and use certain information to personalize, measure and analyze advertisements.

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400 pounds for all items. Mamas & Papas one-door closet in beech colour with drawers (second-hand). Sturdy Rite boys walkers, sized 6 ½ (as new). Girls' one-piece pyjama / onesie, colorful dot design, colored grey and white, colored pattern, colored, 5T sized fabric (new & not used with tags). Girls one-piece pyjama / onesie, cotton 5T sized mini pyjama, new & tagged, copper cake design.

Little Driver Chicco Baby Walker brp>Excellent state. UppaBaby 2012 baby carriage and basket carriage in good shape (some abrasion of the parasol, but otherwise very clean). Supplied with built-in ultraviolet screen (pram and stroller, stroller with travelling bag) and for both. Easily pushed with just one wrist, convenient and secure for you and your baby.

Hannah Bamboo Baby Wrap in purple. Mom and Dad Morph baby carrier in purple and baby carrier with raincover and windscreen. Mum's and Dad's Sola pram and carrying bag with shelter. The Ergobaby Baby Carrier, Camel. Almost new (original £95).

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Expend it on what makes you feel lucky! Thus you have lived through the first or second year of parenthood and now have an array of sparsely used, cumbersome'must have' items such as Walker, ride-on's, Jumperoo's, bumpers, high stools and pushchairs to name a few. Selling our top tableware is a great way to share the things you won't need when your kids go to college and beyond.

Others like you look for them to help you get ready for their newcomers, or to take the next level of toy and book play to their infants. A lot of folks make trunk deals that can be great, but why not sell at an events where everyone who shows up is looking for exactly what you have to have!

Our guests are all looking for baby, infant and children's products. The only thing you have to do is to select the desired sales on our event page, make and purchase your booking on-line and appear on the spot during the whole event. Go away with money to buy what makes you feel lucky - or snatch yourself some deals when you're on the grocery for more!

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