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Cascading Baby Bundles

Humans find themselves in difficulties for a variety of different causes. Meanwhile the costs of live are still rising and salaries are stagnating for many, more and more persons are fighting with the food and clothing of their family. All of us are conscious of the increasing need and use of food banks throughout the state.

We also believe that there is a rising need for clothes for low-income or financially disadvantaged people. The Cascade Baby Bundles program is designed to help parents by offering a Baby Bundle present of clothes, games and essential items to help mitigate the effects of a child's need on a loved one.

This bundle is available for newborns and infants up to the ages of ten. You' re all so wonderful at putting together the things your kids no longer need that we don't have to ask for articles very often. We will sell children's literature there to collect money for the things we need to buy; new bedding, diapers, toilet articles, etc.

It is a feast of astonishing meals and drinks with entertainment at the same time!

Norfolk Baby Bench | FAQ

Currently the Baby Bank is fully equipped, but we often have a shortage of certain items and will be running more fundraising activities in the near term. The Gymboree Norwich, headquartered in Notcutts, also accepts generous contributions from Baby Bank Norfolk. We have a fundraising warehouse at the Greenfields Community Centre on Ives Road in Norwich.

It is not staffed, so if you would like to make a donation, please ask the staff to verify that we can receive your donation and make sure someone meets you at the community center if necessary. This can be done through our Contacts page or through a Facebook instant messaging.

Further information on upcoming fundraisers will also be published here.

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