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Markers and Spencer Markers and Spencer make children's clothing from childbirth to 14 years. Floor offers a wide variety of high value baby clothing items that include clothing, pants, knitwear, apparel, baby rollers, sweaters, tops as well as T-shirts. Pure, organic and gentle product for the fragile baby skins. Designed specifically for your child's tender skins, this line uses the best available active principles to keep the skins as smooth as the days of your baby's delivery.

Abundant, naturally formulated ingredients help relieve the irritations of the weighing pad, diaper eruption and itching. The Kiddicare Sell pushchairs, strollers, car seat, carrier, bed room furnishings, high stools, stairs and more. At the 2010/2011 Mother and Baby Award Kiddicare was recently chosen by the parent as the top store site.

Boot Sale Children's clothing from 0 to 6 years, children's room furnishings, diapers, bottle - everything you need for your new baby.

Prince Louis - 10 pieces of Ikea furniture for a royal nursery school

On April 23, the country celebrates the coming of a new lord with the delivery of the third son of William and Kate Middleton - Louis Arthur Charles. Prinz George and Princess Charlotte's new brother and sister made their international d├ębut when Kate walked out of Lindo Wing's door at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, and the first formal portrait of H.K.H. Prinz Louis of Cambridge was revealed.

Already before his arrived there were many speculations about his new sleep surroundings, especially about how his children's room will look like and how it will be furnished. As far as furnishings are concerned, Louis' bedrooms are said to be built on some of Beatrix Potter's most famous personalities, such as Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck and Mrs. Tiggy Winkle, as reported.

What about the furnishings? Earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled that they owned some of Ikea's ready-to-assemble furnishings and that they had used them in the rooms of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. So, who better to tell us what Louis' bedroom could be equipped with?

As Agnieszka says: "Swinging assists in developing the child's equilibrium senses and the mind to organize sensations. The EKORRE Rock Elk is the ultimate plaything for a king size room as it resembles the rockers that Prince William and Prince Harry used to use as kids. Agnieszka says: "These HEMNES drawer are great for keeping your smock sleeves, pullover waistcoats and cotton footwear - with a look that fits every topic in the kids room.

Agnieszka says: "This TOVIG Baby Rocker ensures that your baby will feel energized by observing the activity in your home from a secure and convenient location. It' s design also makes it perfect for a royally inspiring daycare. Agnieszka says: "High-contrast colors and movable items such as the LEKA car are perfect for developing a baby - matching a multitude of characters roaming the king's park.

Agnieszka says: "The gently wrapped KLAEMMIG quilt is ideal for covering your baby when it's your turn to take a quick siesta. It' s designed to be a must-have article for a day -care center - it has been shown that the family has a long-standing passion for beasts. Agnieszka says: "This Solguul bed is similar to the classical sled bed style and is the ideal complement to a king bedroom.

Agnieszka says: "This swing from SUNDVIK is a robust but extremely convenient seating, suitable for a demanding little princely. Agnieszka says: "This BUSSIG ceiling covering, made from 100% organically produced organic organic cotton, blends naturally with long life and is an excellent option for a whole range of families who are committed to a better sustainability, such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Agnieszka says: "This classical Queen Anne winged STRANDMON stool is perfect for a day care centre, whether it is for relaxing with a meal or a snooze while the baby is sleeping. Agnieszka says: "Multifunctional pieces of equipment such as the SUNDVIK baby changer, which can be converted into a drawer, are excellently suited to detoxifying a children's room.

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