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VTech Playbus is great, they make some fantastic learning toys. Abdominal game is one of the most useful things you can do to promote the bodily growth of your baby. Abdominal game is one of the most useful things you can do to promote the bodily growth of your baby. Strengthens the musculature of the back, shoulders, neck and legs, which in turn help to keep the heads up, roll, sit and crawl. Baby's have the capacity to capture things that are controlled from the moment of delivery, but when they are about 3-6 month old, this exercise is more likely to be scheduled and deliberate than a knee-jerk response.

After about 4-6 month infants begin to try the complex process of overturning. It' s entirely optional and so you know that your baby is using all his cerebral capacity to make this decision for movement! Sit down is usually reached by 7-9 month, but this can be very different from baby to baby.

There are many different ways that the baby can look in the eyes of the baby. The worlds can look very different from a seated posture, so this can be a great period of great exploration for your baby. When they are about 9 month old, many of them sit self-supporting and want to further investigate the surrounding area. To be sure, all infants are different and they will try to creep when they are willing and not before.

From 9-12 month infants begin to use all their bodily abilities and strengths to draw themselves into a vertical posture and achieve self-balancing.

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