Baby Materials

infant materials

Bio baby clothing and essentials made from natural bamboo and organic cotton. commodities The Merino comes from a breeder in North-West Spain and was hand-picked for its qualities and functionality - as a five-time dam, Celia thought it important that all our knitted products were washed in the washing machines. "I was a mum of five when I founded La Coqueta, all under the age of five, there was no way I could have washed all my children's knitted goods by my hands...


Because I know that I'm not alone when I think like this, I thought it was vital to give our clients a simple to carry and launder item that would outlast your times and be able to be handed down from one kid to the next, just like my own team.

" Our merino wools are all made in small, family-run garages that specialize in manual sewing, and each garment is processed to an exquisite standard. Every article is twice laundered (first hand-washed and then mechanically ) and flat-dried to make sure it remains in excellent shape when used regularly and carried by our customers.

Our baby workshop uses baby sensitivity technique, such as additional space around a babysensitive abdomen, to meet the baby's needs. The Coqueta is known for the craftsmanship of its garments and the selection of colours and styles. Rarely is there a child's clothing that contains a child's clothing that has been processed and shaped with such diligence.

Cecilia has always believed that it is important to work with materials such as organics, textiles, cotton, flax and wools. This is not only for the sake of the environment, but also because of the beneficial effects on sensitive, actively involved babies. We grow our own in Peru and trade with Spain (as we have done for many centuries). Our Spanish workshop makes our products the most soft and breathing fabric that our customers' kids wear.

Perlmuttknöpfe are made of an organically grown fabric which is made from the inner shell of a shell. Not only are they exceptionally sturdy and durable, they are also unbelievably attractive and have an irresistible lustre that adds a hint of style and style. Our clothes and baby kits are fully padded, making them highly absorbent and breathe comfortably on the body.

"They are made of beautifully crafted cowhide leathers that are smooth, long lasting and adapt to the user. My own kids are living in their La Coqueta slippers and ankle boot and I hear all their comments about wearing comfortable and fitting, I think it's important that our slippers don't just look good but also meet the daily needs of the kids.

Playing with me, he spend countless lessons showing me each and every one of the products and explaining the technologies behind their manufacture. "For our occasional collections, we have an excellent selection of strands of fine weave manufactured from tiny tufts of baby's breath (Gypsophila) cultivated and dry in Spain for Easter, gently interwoven and interwoven with beautiful baby weave flower.

That same man took me to a wildflower fields and showed me where they were plucked from, it is this lovely flowery countryside that I remember every single look at these nice ribbons in our shop. "It is the memory that reminds me every single passing day of why I opened La Coqueta; the ability to sustain and encourage the work that goes into the manufacture of these valuable items and to focus my attentions on the art of craft and ability that has been around for hundreds of years and still today still seems refreshing and pertinent is the realization of a private vision.

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