Baby Materials Checklist

Checklist for baby materials

It is an excellent bedding material because it is easy for the mother to crush, absorbent and replaceable. One never knows when one's baby will show up, so it's best to be prepared. It is possible to support your baby's development with different texture materials with which your baby can play and touch to expand his experience.


This is a compilation of baby safety bedroom awareness programs and materials that endorse the 2011 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) policy to help mitigate the risks of childhood death". Every single marketing promotion and the associated materials and message were analysed on the basis of the 18 safety standards for sleeping (the figures given at the end of each marketing promotion represent the below mentioned schedule of standards).

Figures represent only the collected materials filed for examination or the easily accessible on-line materials. Note, however, that some campaigning focuses on certain aspect of babies' safer sleeping. Please email the Resource Center if you would like to send in a safer sleeping awareness drive and collateral materials in your efforts to help promote compliance with our policies.

These lists of state, federal and municipal safer sleeping campaign and materials supports the 2011 revision of the AP Policy to help mitigate the risks of childhood deaths. Each campaign focuses on the importance of putting babies to bed on their backs, using a fixed sleeping area, and preventing the development of tobacco smoking. While few of the campaign and collateral materials covered all major NAPs, they all went beyond the "back to sleep" messages and many adjusted the NBCs of Shu-Shu: "The NBCs of Secure Sleep:

There are seven campaign recommendations for breast-feeding, five for pre-natal support for expectant mothers, four for minorities, three for the importance of preventing drinking and illegal use, three for the importance of vaccinating infants and three for the prevention of the use of commercially available equipment to reduce SIDS.

The following are some of the key messages of the campaign: Learning materials that contain the Safe Sleep Saves Live leaflet and a Room Sharing Is Safer Than Bed Sharing booklet (available in English and Spanish). These materials were designed by First Candle and evaluated by the National Center for Cultural Competence and focusing groups of child death-prone households.

Basics of bedtime for baby! Nationwide campaign for safer sleeping for infants, Safer sleeping saves lives; Nationwide SIDS & Infant Death Program Support Center/First Candle; 1314 Bedford Avenue, Suite 210, Baltimore, MD 21208; Phone (410) 415-6628, (800) 221-7437; Email; Website. Posters and brochures conveying the message: "Share your room and not your bed", along with a booklet on safer sleeping, "Follow the NBCs of safer sleep:

Materials comply with the latest version of our safety sleeping instructions (AAP). Centre for Baby and Child Loss; Department of Pediatrics; University of Maryland School of Medicine; 737 W. Lombard Street, Room 233, Baltimore, MD 21201; Telephone: A consumer product safety commission on-line gateway providing information and messages on baby's safety during sleep.

Resource items included a 12-minute safer sleeping footage, a manual on the crèche's new security standard, a checklist of product recalls, and a checklist and posters (available in English and Spanish) that explain how to keep an infant's sleeping surroundings secure. Nativity Information Centre, "Bare is best"; Product Health and Safety Commission; 4330 East West Highway; Bethesda, MD 20814; Telephone:

Launched in 1998 under the leadership of SIDS of Pennsylvania, Kribs for Kids is a nationwide safer sleeping awareness initiative to supply secure sleeping materials and mobile crèches to those who cannot manage a secure place for their child to rest. Working with GRACO Pack'n Play®, the mobile crèche maker, today more than 300 affiliate programmes are available to low-income family members, providing secure sleeping education equipment and mobile crèches.

Materials for safer sleeping are ABC' s of Infant Safe Sleep booklet (available in English and Spanish) and the Safer Sleep for Your Baby video from the beginning. Krippen für Kinder®, "Practice the ABC of secure sleep: Public Health Agency of Canada The Public health Agency of Canada is committed to ensuring that up-to-date information on safer sleeping is made available to healthcare workers, families and other carers throughout the state.

A Joint Declaration on Safe Sleep for healthcare workers has been prepared in collaboration with a group of experts including members of all AAPs. The materials available are the Joint Declaration on Safe Sleep, the Safe Sleep Booklet for your baby for mothers and carers and a Safe Sleep for your baby movie (DVD) for healthcare workers and organisations working with at-risk groups.

Advertising articles also included secure sleeping poster and doorframes. Canadian Public Safety Agency, Children, Seniors and Healthy Development, Infants, Children and Toddlers; AL 6804B | 412B1-785, Carling Ottawa K1A 0K9; Phone (613) 960-0464; Facsimile (613) 960-6987; Website. Formerly known as the Back to sleep initiative, the safe to Sleep® initiative is designed to help raise awareness among families, other carers and healthcare workers about how they can decrease the risks of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of baby deaths.

Safe to sleep® Public Education built on the succes and scope of the Back to sleeping initiative, which is built on the advice to put babies on their backs to bed in order to lower the risks of SIDS. Besides describing ways to decrease the risks of SIDS, Safe to sleep includes measures that can be taken by parent and other carers to decrease the risks of other sleep-related causes of baby deaths, such as asphyxiation.

Safer sleeping policies described in materials and publication of Safe to Sleep® are derived from advice provided by the AAP Taskforce on SIDS. In October 2011, the Taskforce published extended policies. Materials available includes the "Safe sleep for your baby" movie, a general leaflet, a safer sleeping neighborhood card, and leaflets aimed at Aboriginal and Indian Americans.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) ; NICHD Information Resource Center ; Telefon : 505-CRIB (2742) (for safer sleeping pills): Sleeping in safety, growing in style The Sleeping in safety, growing in style initiative is aimed at educating the consumer and the general community about what a safer sleeping space is for babies by using precise pictures that do not compromise your lifestyle.

Printed materials contain the 10 most important security hints for a crèche and the e-newsletter ''Sleep in Security, grow in style'' for new and future mothers. CJ Foundation also provides a secure sleeping posters and other teaching materials that can be accessed and down-loaded by parent, nurse and healthcare professional.

Sleeping in Security, Waxing in Styles, CJ Foundation for SIDS; "Sleeping in Security, Waxing in Styles"; WFAN Pediatric Center; 30 Prospect Avenue, Hackensack, NJ 07601; Phone: The Alaska Division of Public Health has created a brochure and posters as part of its safer baby slumber initiatives using the latest version of the company's safer slumber policy.

Division designed and deployed a toolset to help maternity institutions enforce guidelines, training and practice for babies to safely rest. Division of Public Health; Women's, Child and Family Health Division; 3601 C Street, Suite 322, Anchorage, AK 99503; Telephone: The Kansas Departement of Health and Environment Materials, designed by the Kansas Departement of Health and Environment for parenting and caregiving, includes a secure sleeping bag and a movie (DVD and streaming) (available in English and Spanish).

The Kansas Department of Health and Environmental, Kansasafe Sleep Kansas ; "ABC's des sicheren Schlafes : Michael's Safer Night Campaign Michael's Safer Night Campaign contains a safer night checklist, postcards, posters, brochures and a videotheque with civil servants' announcement describing and demonstrating the dangers of an insecure sleeping setting and the actions parent and caregiver can take to minimize the chance of childhood deaths.

Several materials are available in Arabic and Catalan. Michigan Department of Community Health, Infant Health Unit, 109 W. Michigan Ave. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has issued a published notice on the ABC of Secure sleep and a booklet on secure sleeping that communicates the message: "Safe sleeping for your baby is as easy as ABC.

You can find more information under Resource under Plan a secure place for your baby to bed. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, "Safe sleeping for your baby is as easy as ABC. Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has created the booklet entitled ' safe sleeping for your baby', which mirrors the revised version of the Nebraska Health and Human Services Safety Policy (AAP).

A secure online sleeping movie is also available. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Maternal and Child Health; 301 Centennial Mall South Lincoln, NE 68509; telephone: Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida worked with the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Department of Children and Families and a variety of interest groups to create the Sleep Right, sleepight campaign for secure childcare.

Originally launched in 2008?, the ad has since been adapted to the latest version of the APG. The materials included an 11-minute English-only videotape for use by home users of Healthy Start and Healthy Families, clinics, maternity homes, medical practices and others; a 30-second greeting (available in English, Spanish and Creole) for TV and Radio broadcasts; a printed ad; a Facebook page; and four flyers (available in English, Spanish and Creole).

These leaflets are intended to remove obstacles to secure sleeping that have been specifically recognised by parents. Materials are available for free downloading. Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida, "Sleep right, sleep tight" 111 North Gadsden Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301 ; Telefon : Tennessee Department of Health's safer sleeping initiative features leaflets, poster, a checklist of hangers, button panels, coach advertisements and civil services advertisements to advertise the ABC of safer sleeping (babies should be sleeping alone, on their backs and in a crib).

WIC coupons are also used by the Ministry of Health to print its secure sleeping notice, which goes to 38,000 homes per months. The materials are available in both English and Spanish. The Tennessee Department of Health, Division of Family Health and Wellness, injury prevention and detection. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Prevention and Early Intervention Division hat ein 4-minütiges Videos, Baby Room to Breathe - The Rules of Safe Sleep entwickelt (verfügbar auf English und Spanisch).

Provides safer bedtime advice for new mothers. It is also available on YouTube in English and Spanish. The Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, "Give your baby room to breathe"; Prevention & Early Intervention Division; P.O. Box 149030, Mail Code Y987, Austin, TX 78714-9030; Phone: afe and Sound is an awareness raising program funded by the West Virginia Children's Trust Fund that provides information and advice to families and other carers of babies under the ages of 1, as well as future families and healthcare workers on how to keep babies asleep safely and how to remain quiet when babies cry.

Subjects of the initiative are Shaken Baby Syndrome disease prophylaxis and Shaken AIDS reducing risks. Its main objective is to avoid injuries and deaths among West Virginia newborns. "Charleston, WV 25332; P.O. Box 3192; Phone." B'more for Healthy Babies The B'more for Healthy Babies BHB, the Sleep Safety Initiative, is spreading the word that the surest way for an infant to safely stay asleep alone, on his or her back and in a nursery is to keep it safely.

Throughout Baltimore, the company's safer sleeping messages were distributed through printed media and outdoors, broadcast on TV and wireless. Click on Media Center on the BHB'ssafe sleeping page to see the materials of the campaig. Baltimore doctors have designed a safety sleeping kit that is also available. B'more for wholesome infants, "B'more for wholesome infants"; Baltimore City Department of Public health; 1001 East Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202; Telephone:

As part of the esssafe sleeping campaigns, the City of Milwaukee Health Department has created a range of printed advertising that shows baby backs in overloaded crèches with the message: "Babies should always be sleeping in a crèche," printed on close-fitting crèche beds. There is also a guide to good sleeping practices, a videos and datasheets in English and Spanish, a reference to Milwaukee's Children for Kids programme, and extra materials and materials.

Milwaukee City Health Department, Campaign for Safety asleep; Milwaukee Childcare Programme; 1639 South 23rd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204; Telephone: Columbus Public Health and the Franklin County Info Task Force Safety Sleep Task Force have created an on-line baby safety sleeping videotape as part of the baby's safety sleeping and prevention initiatives to reduce the risks of HIV/AIDS.

Colombus Public Health und die Franklin County Infant Safety Sleep Task Force ; 240 Parsons Avenue, Columbia, OH 43215 ; Telefon : The Douglas County Health Department, Omaha Nebraska ; "Nothin' but baby" ; Baby Blossoms Collaborative ; 1111 South 41st Street, Omaha, NE 68105 ; Telefon : The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has published a booklet on safer sleeping that sends the signal that it is safer for babies to lie down alone.

This booklet covers the risk of linen and offers colourful illustration of safer sleeping conditions. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Department of Human Services; Maternity Care Coalition; "Your baby needs to be alone to relax"; 2000 Hamilton Street, Suite 205; Philadelphia, PA 19130; Phone: United Cribs for Kids (supported by the Children's Hospital Apnea Program of Greenville Hospital System and Safety Kids Upstate) has designed teaching materials to help alleviate baby mortality from insecure sleeping conditions.

There is an on-line videotape available on the website, along with safer sleeping education materials and other health and safety information to help parent ers and other carers prevent their kids from being at great risks by introducing insecure sleeping habits. Upgrade nurseries for kids and safer kids in the North, "Room to Breathe"; Room for Breathing; Greenville Office, Baby Kids in the North; 255 Enterprises Boulevard, Suite 110, Greenville, SC 29615; Telephone:

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