Baby Milk Products

Milk products for babies

First of all, please review this important note. Nursing is best for your baby and offers many advantages. Incorrect use of baby milk or unsuitable food or feed may pose a risk to your health, so if you choose to use baby milk, be sure to observe the manufacturer's directions for use. Do not use this device under any circumstances.

Do not use this device under any circumstances.

UK Formulas Market Guidelines - Trademarking of products

On this page the regulations for marking products are explained. Article 1 on the label shall contain the following for all products in the scope: Design tags should be such as to give the necessary information on the proper use of the device and not impede breast-feeding. Section 2 refers specifically to baby food:

9. Producers and suppliers of baby foods should make sure that each receptacle bears a clear, prominent, legible and comprehensible text, or a non-separable tag, in an appropriate linguistic form containing all of the following, in a manner that is easy to read and understand: The words'Important notice' or similar; 2. a declaration on the predominance of breast-feeding; 3. a declaration that the device should only be used on the recommendation of a healthcare professional as to the need for its use and the correct route of use; 4. guidance on an appropriate formulation and an indication of the risks to human health of an improper formulation.

Containers and labelling should not contain images of babies, nor should they have other images or text that could idealize the use of baby foods. UK legislation (Regulations 17 and 18) is similar to the International Code, although it allows the use of authorised public health claim on baby food labelling when the associated conditions are fulfilled.

The labelling of baby formulae and follow-on formulae shall be such as to enable the consumer to make a clear distinction between those products in order to prevent the risks of mix-ups between baby formulae and follow-on formulae. Nevertheless, the baby food label, follow-on prescription and other baby and toddler food label are almost the same, as the company designs them to be effective in advertising.

Enterprises are ignoring special demands aimed at clarifying the nature of products. Whilst the words'infant formulae' and'follow-on formulae' should be clearly indicated on the package in a lettering not smaller than the trade name, the words'infant formulae' and'follow-on formulae' should also be clearly indicated on the package. Guides include warning on powder formulations that they are not sanitary and how to minimise the risk of possible contaminants.

It is forbidden to idealize texts and illustrations on a label, as is the case with codes and resolutions. 30&31. may not contain any... other imagery or text that could idealize the use of the products... imagery of infants, young children or caregivers (e.g. mother or father)....... Baby- or child-related topics (e.g. games, cribs, or young animals) and antropomorphic personalities, photos, and icons.

Guideline to the British formulae rules:

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