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There is no need to be a child development expert to give your baby a good start in life. All your baby really needs and wants is love, attention and care. Well, what do I need for a new baby? In order to help you get everything you need to welcome your child into the world, we have selected some important things for newborns. You baby also needs your attention for healthy psychological development.

I' m getting myself set up for the baby: The newborn basics you need

Preparing for a neonate is thrilling - and a little scary. Go through the "baby" corridors in each shop and you will see hundred of items that you can take home with you. "Every familiy should choose what works best for them," says Allison Coleman, Foundress of Austin Baby Guru, which provides courses to help early education in Austin, TX.

When your baby is one weeks old, he will have at least four poop nappies and six nappies every morning. Additional changing of clothing for the baby: "You should put on a cap in the middle of winter because you can't put solar protection on a newborn," James Mandelik, MD, paediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic Children's added.

You must stop your baby from taking a bath until his navel line comes off and the area is healed. If the baby gets ill or injured, these first help bases are good to be ready: "For infants under 12 month of age, an auditory or frontal temperature sensor is not accurate," says Danelle Fisher, MD, President of Paediatrics at Providence Saint John's Health Center.

Infants under 6 month should not receive most other over-the-counter medications. Call your physician if your baby has a temperature or is not well. Prior to your baby arriving, make a decision whether to breast-feed or use a formulation. Additional objects such as covers, cushions and playthings are hazardous - they can prevent baby from sleeping and breath.

In order to decrease the chance of childhood deaths ( "SIDS"), always place your baby on his or her back to get some rest. Stretcher, baby blanket or wraparound. When using one to calm your neonate, select a one-piece one. There is no need to buy too many neonatal clothing, parental care. Baby applications. Expert advice is to skip the entire display period until the baby is at least 2 years old.

Keep in mind: Baby's don't have to be expensive, says Catherine Barrett, mother of three daughters. "without cracking the bank."

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