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Every fourth employee has reduced his working time due to the high cost of child care. However, lowering the cost of working for working mom and dad is simpler than you might think. The cost of child care in the UK is ridiculously high and the latest data show that working people with young offspring now devote a third of their incomes to day care and day mothers.

That means that on an annual basis 11,300 pounds are spent on child care - in London even 15,700 pounds. No wonder, therefore, that more than a fourth of employees were obliged to shorten their working time because of these disincentives, according to the UK Chambers of Commerce. Instead of just wait for the government to act, there are ways you can take to drastically lower the price of child care - and give you more freedom over the amount of time you want to work.

You can get £55 per weekly free child care voucher from a UK based company. As a rule, it means giving up part of the wage and being compensated in coupons instead, without the deduction of taxes. Coupons, however, will give you the full £1,000.

Day nursery facilities and child minders can be remunerated with day nursery coupons, but also the day nursery of older kids - until the first of September after their fifteenth anniversary. You may not be too fond of the notion of going to a daycare as a teenager after class, but some summer camp activities can be funded by the use of coupons, so it's a good idea to see if they can help resolve your vacation problems.

Even if your employers do not provide coupons or you work for themselves, you can still get tax-free daycare. Ideally, you should help to set up an on-line children's care bank and for every £80 p you submit, the UK will pay 20p - up to 2,000 per annum for each kid.

Currently in England you can get 15 free hour' nursing per month for 38 weekly a year in a wide selection of day centres and mothers. By 2017, this should increase to 30 hrs for some of them. This means that you may be able to get some of the maintenance you pay for free.

Low-income and some benefit dependent descendants may be entitled to this free service from the ages of two. By qualifying for a child benefit you may be able to receive an additional amount to pay up to 70% of the total amount of your day nursery expenses. Beneficiaries who have a Universal Credit can receive up to 85% of their crèche expenses.

You should begin your hunting much sooner than you think - long before your baby needs nursing. Kindergartens can grant rebates. As a rule, these are much less expensive than privately-owned tree nurseries and charitable organizations. Certain sites are far more expensive than others for looking after children. Of course you have to consider your shuttle trip: Is there a place between work and home that can provide cost-effective work?

Frequently, a parent with a nurse looks for a way to divide the costs and socialize their descendants so that they are open to it. A number of sites advertise stock, such as uk, so you can find someone to help you out. You' ll ask a lower fee because you don't have to buy the maintenance yourself, and you have more stable than a nano portion - where conditions can vary and you have to begin looking for a nano again.

These are often one of the least expensive choices, and they are Ofsted enrolled, so you can afford the maintenance in coupons. A lot of people will also make a special drop-off and pick-up for certain types of education, which makes them a good choice for kids of grade and seniority. Often this is the least expensive response, quite openly, because they are often teens in the land to study the foreign currency, and instead of getting paid, you provide blackboard and allowance moneys.

You must be at least 60 pounds per workweek for 25 working hour and two baby sitting nights pay. There are many young people who want to study English abroad during the summers, so you can have someone to take care of the children for the six Weeks of the holiday for the costs of beds, food and spending time.

For example, if you're at home, you can hire an au-pair or a child care worker, with the knowledge that you'll be there when things go wrong. But if you find someone with a similarly aged baby, a similar educational background, and the same need for accessible care, you may consider looking after each other's kids.

When you take them for one at a time, you get two free children's daycare for the cost of one on one. Although you may not be able to arrange a parental approval for child care while you are at work, you can at least use it to get free baby-sitting. Fitness studios provide a range of services from standard extracurricular education to vacation and daycare centers.

And you don't have to waste your free hours training, so if you have the liberty to work at the fitness studio, you can get incredible value for money baby-sitting. You can run free club and after-school classrooms or provide vacation support via a community toy, ministry or CVJM.

Often the grandparent's generous ness makes a big distinction in terms of financial support for the whole household when they take over child care for a few extra working hours a day or one to two extra working nights a weeks. But not all of them want to help out every single weeks, and not all of them have enough local life to make it work.

You can always come to see them during the vacations, for a good caring for your grandkids for a whole weekend - or you can go to see them so that you don't have to spend a whole weekend on that. Often, parental tug-of-war becomes an optional feature. It is possible for a parent to work opposite shift patterns or alter their day, drastically reducing the number of working hour they have to work.

But not all companies are married to 9-5, so speak to your company about any flexibilities it can provide. A few will make short-time work possible - so you have the vacations. Some allow you to work longer four working hours a day, while others allow you to work longer periods of work. There are even some that provide flexible working times, so you can work 9-3, spending your free period with your host families after class, and then getting back to work from home 8-10.

There are some colleges that have longer working weeks than others, and some colleges work until 6 pm. It is a controversial issue, but if you are lucky that your baby is old enough to manage a long enough working day, your own working life is not too stressful, and both of you could profit from overtime, then it is definitely something you should consider.

No matter what your child care headaches are, you won't be the first to have them. You can find a remedy that you haven't yet thought of; you can know a bright and cheap daycare center; or they might even be willing to make an arrangement with you about child care.

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