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Receive information and prices on the best MTB helmets and reviews online. "Mermaid baby" died four months after being born in India. On Wednesday mornings Muskura Bibi, 23, gave the world a natural appearance at the state-run Chittaranjan Deva Sadan Hospital in Calcutta, East India. Malnutrition and inadequate perfusion of the mother's baby can cause this type of anomaly. The mermaid disorder is believed to involve one in 60,000 to 100,000 people.

THE MERMAID VIRGIN SYNDROME? Sudip Saha, a pediatrician in the infirmary, said: "I had never seen such a baby before. The baby had a regular torso shape, but below the waist there was a fusion of leg and back. We learned that the pregnant woman had not received ultrasonic ultrasonography.

Poor diet and inadequate perfusion of the baby by the dam can lead to this type of anomaly in fetus. Sirenomelia is very deadly.

MiC's Binky Felstead overflows the devotion to Baby India.

In June, she gave life to the first Made In Chelsea baby and from September, little India was three month old. Binky Felstead and her friend Josh'JP' Patterson, both 27, on Sunday in Polegate were celebrating the baptism of their young girl with her relatives and boyfriends. Every centimetre, the three of them seemed like the ideal host when they were posing for the lovely snapshot in front of Wilmington Church in the green gardens.

Binky, who could win crowds with her golden hearts on Made In Chelsea, turned out to be the infatuated mom when she looked at her little baby and cared for her with love. A state of extreme happiness at the star-studded show, the Chelsea-born beautiful lovingly kissed India's behead.

JP also gave a gentle hug on India's brow as proof that her little girl is his heaven. She also showed her post-baby baby corpse in a cozy, stained gown combined with a cream-coloured sweater to keep the cold away from the fall breezes. Two of the nation's most popular celebrities of realism, it's no wonder that the remainder of the Made In Chelsea mob came to celebrate in town.

27-year-old Louise Thompson introduced her jazz genre to the stage in a shiny metal jacket she was wearing over a Guess T-shirt. Binky's BFF turned out to be a pretty socially minded little gem when it mingled with a number of Made In Chelsea Cast members. Inspired by Chelsea, the beautiful girl was wearing a white-black flecked jacket over her polka-dotted blouse for a festive event.

The former Made In Chelsea celebrity Lucy Watson - who quit the show in 2016 - couldn't resist seeing her old buddies again. The 26 year old beautiful enchanted the audience with her long-legged look and turned her head in a flowery mini dress. Former real-life celebrity presented her slender silhouette in the femoral skimming-number, which features undulating plissé sleeve designs for a touch of class.

Her friend James Dunmore, 28, joins the celebrity, and in 2015 she brings the Made In Chelsea kit to his attention. Returning to the home, the new father lovingly wraps his arms around Zinky's shoulders as they get ready to slice India's cakes.

Visitors who were roasted at the amusing party on the baby by drinking champagne and nibbling on a choice of cheeses and cakes. Over the past few week Binky has been discussing how paternity has transformed her friend for the better now that they live together as a small group. India is already 12 week old and she has already begun to make smiles and cheerful sounds.

The last few months of gestation, the Indian childbirth and the first few parenting stages of Binky and JP were recorded in the E4 spin-off Born In Chelsea game. Enthusiasts welcomed the show as a moving and sincere representation of a new, young one.

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