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All Halloween is a great way to make your baby happy! However, parenting is always restricted, so we have put together some DIY/Quick & Easy babysuits. No need to go out and buy an elaborate outfit for yourself AND your baby, just use the strap you already have and use it all year round.

Take a look at our last minute fancy dress designs made with objects you have in your home. Look at the other Tula fans' outfits! Sharing your outfits with us using #tulahalloween! - Let's go to the baby! - Tula baby blanket for the sleeping bears! - Rote Bandana(s) for you and baby! We have used about 10-12 sheets for the baby shown; however, it depends on the width of the baby's scalp and how full/multi-layered you want the crest!

Begin to glue the "leaves" around the circumference of the browband or cap. You will want to lay longer sheets first so that the short ones can be glued more visible at the front. Put the baby comfortable in the straps and put on the browband or cap. As soon as the grating is ready, place the washhi ribbon over it.

To make it more visible and covering more golden, we used two dark circles. Glue the arm to the inside of the strap. Put the baby comfortable in the straps and put on the hat. Hopefully you will find your ideal suit and perhaps be able to get the inspiration to do something different with your wearer.

Join us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and please distribute your outfits using our hash tag #tulahalloween! Merry Halloween! Some memories when you integrate your baby sling into your Halloween costume: Be sure to wear your baby sling correctly when the baby is near enough to the knee and has an open respiratory tract.

Read our instruction page to make sure you are carrying your baby well. Don't modify your baby carriers in a way that makes them insecure (NOTE: Physical replacement of the baby carriers may invalidate the guarantee, please refer to our guarantee conditions).

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