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The mother of the terrible Amelia encounters a seriously ill little boy whose lives have been rescued by her daughter's organ.

That' little Daniel Hirst, the seven-year-old whose lives were rescued by the drama that took the lives of former Cleethorpes student Amelia Wood. Amelia' essential organ was given to Daniel after she was killed in a terrible crash when she was hit by a Land Rover bike on her way to town.

Out of this calamity, however, Daniel and his familiy have now been given the exceptional present of being. Now Amelia' mother Hayley Hodson, 39, Daniel, seven, who was borne with his intestine outside his own physique, could hit her. He was given Amelia's alveoli, livers and small intestines and is said to lead a fulfilled one.

"so that more homes don't get to live the way we do. "Four people in all were given the present of a lifetime after Amelia gave her organ for transplantation after her decease on March 6, when a bike dropped a 4x4 driving by when she went to her local public transport.

An 11-year-old Louth Academy student, she was taken to Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, where her parents consented to donate her organ. A little youngster was given a kidney thanks to Amelia after being on the waitlist for over a year. A further small young becomes a Kidney, after it waited only few Days.

Amelia' s livers were divided, the other half was grafted to a female in the 1920s. Amelia' livers, her alveoli and her small intestine. Hayley said after he met Daniel and his family in Leeds: "Since he was birthed with his intestines outside his own system, he couldn't eat and needed a kidney.

At The Pride of Britain Award in London, Hayley will be a finisher for her amazing collection of donations to commemorate Amelia. At the Sheffield Clinic, Amelia was given treatment and successfully defeated leukemia at the early three years. "There are currently 6,142 organ seekers on the organ shortlist, and over 150 of them are youngsters.

"Unfortunately, many die while waiting, and cardiac grafts are 10 percent lower than last year, and renal grafts have dropped by four percent. It can still be reaped for transplanting to another inpatient. Over 1,000 individuals each year give a renal organ or part of their livers to a family member, boyfriend or someone they do not know while they are still living.

Someone who is in good health can live a regular existence with only one working renal unit and can therefore give the other to help someone who needs a renal transplant. Another way to help someone who needs a renal transplant is to give a donation. A part of a patient's livers can also be grafted by a live giver to help someone who needs a liversurgery.

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