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Register to receive free emails and track your baby's development. We' re the most important thing our baby plays, and they learn the most from us. Space for baby 6-18 months: Influenced by Montessori and Reggio

Make a playground for babies that is easy but inspiring, with open toy made of naturally occurring material and taking into account some of the Montessori and Reggio philosophy of simplification, lighting and genuine material, without the use of plastics or electronics. As she gets up, crawls and straightens up to already standing (please decelerate the baby girl!), her play area has shifted to a secure area on the ground with a few new supplements, and both she and her sister enjoy to play in it.

We placed a sheepskin carpet in a small part of the room (to keep the baby hot in cold weather and cold in summer) and some treasure baskets and open playthings nearby. There are many reflections and reflections of nature in the regulatory philosophy, so behind some of our playthings we used some acrylics and a large standing tile that can be shifted and positioned.

This room contains: first article about treasury hampers here. Revised to add: We are not at all against plastics toy or mats! There is a lot in our home, but I wanted to begin with the baby toy that really only has one purpose and doesn't encourage much thought or inquisitiveness.

Donating them to others was simple. Playmobil, Giro o and Dublo we love and of course they are all made of synthetic material so the focus was more on the kind of toys than on what they were made of. They really enjoyed working together in this new room, and the lamb skin carpet has become a popular place to read together.

I' m looking forward to seeing how the room develops over the next few month! You got any playgrounds in your house? Soon in the travel series:

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