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Choosing the right stroller can carry your baby from birth to infancy. Stroller & baby carriage Travelling with the baby is simple when you have the right bikes for the task. No matter if you are looking for rugged off-road style or small size for fast business travel, we have many baby carriages and strollers in our range. When searching for strollers for purchase, what do you need to consider?

Newborns usually sit down lying down so your newcomer can easily and comfortably move. When you want your baby to look more like a baby, take a look at the 3-in-1 strollers, which can be transformed into baby strollers and can also be used as a road trip chair or support. When you expect the clatter of two foot couples - or already have a traveling infant - take a look at our offer of twin cars from trustworthy makes like Bugaboo, which take two people side by side or in biplane unit.

A stroller for push mom or dad will have a handlebar that is adjusted so you can adjust it to your size and range. Pay attention to the possibilities for storing prams: Is there enough room underneath for the diaper change and other important things? Talking of room: Is there room for a bulky SUV in your corridor, or do you need a folding look for your home and trunk?

For more information on choosing the right pram for you and your little ones, please refer to our pram purchase guidelines. If you are exploring baby carriages in the UK, keep in mind that there are EU norms that all baby carriages must have.

Kendal Baby Shop | Kendal Stroller Shop Kendal

We are a special baby store here at Just Baby near Kendal, offering a wide selection of strollers, baby chairs and other important baby accessoires. No matter whether you decide on a pram or a piece of kindergarten equipment, we will find something that suits your personal life style and your needs.

But if you want to talk to an expert about a particular item you are looking for, don't delay contacting him.

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