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Founded with the aim of promoting the baby and nursery products sector in both the UK and Europe, the company has been active in the development of the baby and nursery products sector for many years. Design Baby Project In 2003 / Elisa Gargan, a girlfriend, design associate and then a young mom, asked me and Lorenza Bozzoli if they could work on a line of baby articles for Vice Versa for a joint venture with her. Your expert knowledge was working with synthetic materials, so we chose to reinvent the most dull of all baby materials; baby bottle, dummy, baby spoon, etc..


The slideshow shows some of the things Elisa and I have done together. There was a silicon closure on the bowl, which was also good for play, and a food and fishing dish to help the mom make the meal hour more fun. It was used to treat gum pain during tooth decay and the small teaspoon with silicon tip had coloured spheres inside to divert the baby.

A number of the company's creations have been included in the ADI Design Index and in exhibitions on product design in Italy, most recently the W Women in Italien Design show at the Triennale for the Salone del Mobile, 2016.

The European Product Design Award

European Product Design Award recognises the effort of gifted design professionals and design crews who want to make everyday living better with handy and attractive designs that resolve a dilemma, make things better or just give pleasure. The products submitted were judged by the prestigious EPDA jury of design professionals and education professionals on their performance in terms of shape, functionality and ingenuity.

Combining stylish design, craftsmanship, usability and ergonomics, this vehicle will help a family do what they want while keeping their little one nearby. The European Product Design Award is delighted to have recognised our fine design at Award and how it makes living simpler for children all over the globe.

The Tula baby carriers are available in a range of styles, making them both useful and classy! The European Product Design Award recognises the effort of gifted global product design professionals to make our everyday life better with their handy, thoughtful work. EFDA is sharing its groundbreaking and cutting-edge innovations with the rest of the globe.

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