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Product Promotional Baby Gifts

Discover Ashtonbee's Giveaways! board on Pinterest. More ideas for giveaways, baby things and baby articles can be found here. Customized invitations and promotional gifts at a very reasonable price!

Giveaway Wild Hearts Carrier!

And sometimes you want to wear, and sometimes you want to wander.... Take part in our competition to receive one of the THREE limited editions of Tula + Ergobaby. Inspect all the cases with this convenient and simple to use Tula Baby Carrier to support babies from 7-45 lbs in an ergonomic way, coupled with the 180 reversible stroller that allows the baby to look at you or the outside with just one click!

The giveaway is only open for the USA. The giveaway ends on 20 June 2018 at 23:59.

LoLu Love baby blanket promotional gift

Wellcome to LuLu Baby Muslin Baby Wrap Blanket Promotional gifts! Mussel rugs are ideal for changing nappies for neonates and young infants and are still a great companion for any home (we really like these rugs!). Ideal for a baby party present or a delicacy for your baby from you. The LuLu Baby belongs to Elizabeth, the dam of Lucia (LuLu), who gave Elizabeth the inspiration to design these beautiful and useful baby rugs.

They hope to keep providing new trend patterns that parent and caregiver will enjoy wrapping around their biggest little gems. Every beautiful cosy quilt has its own special features: When you prepare your medical kit for your adorable pea's coming, be sure to bring a LuLu Baby Diaper Changer!

These luxury wraparounds can be used in countless ways. Maybe you'd like to put it over your shoulders as a blanket or belch, maybe even keep your favourite theme close by to pack your latest one. LuLu Baby Blanket, the ideal present for every baby party, is currently available in three gender-neutral styles.

And now for the free gift! 3 happy participants will be chosen via the registration sheet to get (1) LuLu Love baby blanket! It'?s the end of this Giveaway. I? a big prize to you! In no way is this givenaway associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google.

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