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Explore why the mother-baby market is so profitable. parents have used the might of technology, but do maternal and baby labels follow the example? A recent study by Mediaworks, a leading online media company, has analysed the top parent brands' top brand names in baby products, apparel, groceries, games and furnishings to determine their performances over a six-month horizon. Stiefel, although its powerful image is due to the wide range of products offered by the pharma company, which offers greater rankings as well.

Sainsbury's and ASDA George's chains dominate the segment, increasing their exposure by 57% and 21% respectively. In spite of this domination, the smaller Little Dish label recorded the highest increase in exposure in the first six months of the year (plus 288%). Nevertheless, six out of nine companies increased their profiles in the first six months, with Snuz leading the way (+5,800%).

As with many of the brand names in this segment, John Lewis' achievement is due to its strong domains, driven by a broader product range. Penguin recorded the largest rise in overall brand SEO visibility during the reporting year, while some brand saw significant declines such as Fisher Price (-95%), Hasbro (-32%) and Hamleys (-30%).

Toy's us. Our firm emphasis on organics has strengthened the brand's dominant position in the segment. During the first six months, the company's fast-growing market, the high presence of advanced technology (SEO) and the splitting of the pay research have made it the clear market leaders in this area.

British companies are exploring the market for more than £339 billion of maternity, children's and baby products in China.

The China has been selected as the goal of the commercial operation as it is an important turntable for the motherhood, childhood and baby market, which by 2018 is valued at more than £339 billion. We are pleased to help these companies develop China's motherhood market for prospective future business development. In the UK, we have a strong emphasis on motherhood, children's and baby products.

This latest commercial visit is part of our commitment to help the maternal health care industry grow by investing in and exploiting global trading and exporting possibilities in all our countries. We have a trading presence that is unmatched in the entire SME market. UK companies are brought to market on a regular and proactive basis to reach purchasers and connect with important interest groups.

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