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Baby names from lKEA are very much loved by mum and dad - see some of our favorites. Will you consider naming your kid one of those names? Whether it's the Billy wardrobe or the Malm bedrooms program, many of IKEA's product names have become icons and are immediately recognizable - but would you name your baby after them? BabyCentre says the centre could well become a place for future generations to be inspired by Nordic baby names, who have even selected some of the best names from some of the favourite product series.

"The IKEA is known for the charismatic Nordic names that exist for its product, and many work amazingly well like baby names," said an article in BabyCentre's website entry. Some of the names are relatively traditionally, like Stefan and Tobias, while others are much more uncommon, with Tarva, Stig and Norna among the more prominent names on the lists.

As an alternative, when it comes to limiting their baby names, a parent can take a look at the Malinda pillow, Franklin Barstool or your favourite bunkbed frames from your school. Proposals are strikingly different from those forecast to surpass the names of babies and boys for 2018; Meghan is expecting to reach the top ten as Mum and Dad are inspired by Meghan Markle, while Harry also sees an increase in appeal, according to parents' Mother & Baby as well.

Meanwhile, even when it comes to picking the right first name for their lucky bunch, parenting returns to more classical names; looking back on 100 years to 1918, John was the most beloved name for boy, while Mary was at the top of the little girl charts. Thorothy, Margaret and Ruth were also very well liked, as were James, Robert and Charles.

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In order to make the whole thing a little bit simpler, we have a number of utilities and ressources, among them our baby name finder, the top 100 boy names and the top 100 girl names, with many more items to help you find the right baby name. The baby name finder allows you to browse our 400,000+ baby names data base by sex or letters.

Explore the origins and meanings of the name, along with favorite first names and siblings names. When you need some inspirational baby names, take a look at our Top 10 Boys' Names and Top 10 Girls' Names from 2018 below. In search of something special? You can find the latest lists of singular and uncommon baby names and singular and uncommon baby names of girl here.

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