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The Harrogate International Nursery Fair is an unmissable event for everyone in the baby products industry and is the only nursery fair in the UK. Baby Products Association: Support for a more secure tomorrow The Harrogate International Nursery Fair is an unmissable show for everyone in the baby goods sector and is the only tree nursery fair in the UK. It is held every year in March in the lovely city of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Baby Product Association works closely with the show to host its Baby and Nursery Trade Awards (BANTAs) and Concept & Innovation Awards at the show (see Awards section of this website for more information).

Members of the federation who exhibit at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair get a significant rebate, which can be between 12 and 17 percent, according to the booth dimensions and whether it is a shell or just an area. And Andrew White It was small, but it means there was more room to look at other items, and because I went in on Thursday, I was able to talk to everyone and get a lot of free talk with everyone at the next show just for that!

It was the first participation of Tracy Williams, as we opened our shop in October last year, and we found it very advantageous to make personal contacts with large and small labels, lots of new storage concepts for 2017. It'?s good to see new and some very good booths!

Though Yas Ali liked the show, there was a lot to see - and I had a few very prolific evenings. Actually, I tried to bypass everyone, but I ran out of them. It'?s Easter Monday: It'?s Easter Monday: It'?s Easter Monday:

Baby Products Association: Support for a more secure tomorrow

Over 50 members of the Baby Products Association are preparing to take part in one of the world's biggest baby trade fairs in September, Child and Youth, which will take place in Cologne from 20 to 23 September 2018. On an area of 2,500 m² in pavilion 4, the association will once again present its extremely well-loved UK pavilion.

We will be presenting some of the fantastic items that our members will be showcasing in the week before the show. For more information on the featured items, if you cannot participate in Child & Youth, click HERE for a complete member listing and contacts.

The NIPA Baby Ltd. is a brand based company founded by innovators of children's product to fight copy product abuse and help each other in the market. Association of Product Preneurs of Tree Nursery Industries is devoted to innovators who have become businessmen who offer genuine produce. The NIPA Baby product range has been designed by our parent to make it easier for them to become an entrepreneur while feeding their own loved ones.

NIPA's five baby brand names in the UK Pavilion are Tidy Books, Fill 'n' Squeeze, Snugglebundl, Sock Ons and Baby Nails. At TotsBots, an award-winning line of re-usable diapers, wrap and Bloom & Nora Menstruation product is produced in its own UK plant using ethical materials.

As one of the few diaper manufacturers worldwide, the entire product line is certificated according to Öko-Tex 100 (Class 1 standards for baby articles). TotsBots, founded in 2000, recognises the environment and power advantages of using natural fibres from natural fibres as a substitute for organic fibres and presents its eye-catching line of re-usable hygienic absorption materials, among them the latest printing series "Elements".

TodtsBots staff look forward to meeting you at their booth and are looking for distributors for their full line of products. It is a great joy for BabyStyle UK Ltd. to present its award-winning product line in the UK Pavilion of the Baby Products Association. BabyStyle travellers to the BabyStyle Academy booth can also see the Carapace i-Size baby seats for toddlers and infants and benefit from some specific Kind + Jugend show offers.

Yoomi, the label behind the self-heating flask, introduces two new award-winning offerings to help build a groundbreaking nutrition system that allows families to express, nourish and walk. Harry & Rose, the new UK luxurious care label, presents for the first ever at Child & Youth, a range of formulas designed for the treatment of delicate skins.

And Harry & Rose is exhibiting its award-winning line, which includes a smooth shampoo cream, shampoo, bubble wrap and a new baby diaper formula. Our assortment includes a choice of stylish gifts perfectly suited for new mums and dads and baby parties. For this reason, Mori develops nursery care that helps welcome baby's sweet touches of durable fabrics to the global market.

The Mori brand uses the finest, highest grade, smoothest ingredients, manufactured with respect to the well-being of the whole house. In the British Pavilion 2018 eggs® and Quail will again exhibit on their own booth next to BabyStyle Oyster. Our staff is pleased to present the whole breathtaking line of eggs® with delicious new colours for eggs® and Quail®.

British manufacturer of vegetable cleansing agents for childrens, British company Naimble is returning this year to Child & Youth with its fantastic product-line. Among the product line are Milk Buster (patented bottled cleaner), Sticky Stopper (bleach-free toys and surfaces cleaner) and Laundry Lover (children's clothing detergent) in various sizings. Those leathers are marketed in seven different markets and Nestlé would like to see further growth internationally.

They are all made in the UK from herbal extracts. Introducing new children and youth product ranges, the firm welcomes everyone to its booth. The Meelight is a portable streetlight that allows children to help their babies look after and nourish their babies at home at nights.

Meelight' s smooth, gold, dimmable light does not stimulate and helps mummy and baby to return to bed more comfortably. The D2M Innovation showcase shows five new product developments that it has jointly created with its customers, some of which have received numerous kindergarten industry accolades. The D2M offers a full pencil-to-profit product range and presents a range of tools that showcase the company's cutting edge and thrilling way of working.

Each product is looking for resellers and resellers globally, and booth attendees will experience D2M's uniquely responsive product creation processes at firsthand. The East Coast Nursery has established an envious record for fine, dependable product with a proud 58-year tradition and a commitment to excellence in engineering and technology. The Silvercloud East Coast department will also be presenting its award-winning children's bed linen accessoires and presents.

Our assortment comprises suitable bed linen, drapes, covers and gift kits - each item has been carefully created in Great Britain. R&D at Ruk-bug is developing baby grooming solutions that have been certified according to the 2018 norms, taking into account the users' experiences and styles. Cellie will join the Association again with its UK line of award-winning handbags, among them the Zellie Adventure Bag, handbags, rucksack packages and small diaper wraps.

Zellie baby carrier cases are available for long journeys, from hospitals to baby carrier cases to overnight/family carrier cases. Baby Product Association is proud to promote innovations and one of its newest members, Dumforter, will introduce its product to the market for the first and foremost.

With Zsa Zsa Zebra, Ellie Elephant, Gerry Giraffe, Pepper Panda and Terry Tiger, Johanne Holman is pleased to bring out a fully characterized 3-in-1 dummy, zether and bedspread. This year the Baby Products Association has certainly gained in importance in Cologne, because the UK pavilion for children and youth was not only larger and better than ever before, with more attendees and eye-catching brands, but also drew the interest of Lords and Dragons.

The Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham, who chairs a number of companies, among them On Logistics, Apramo's UK distribution partner, and from 2007 to 2008 also UK Secretary of State for Trade and Investment, spend a whole afternoon in the British Pavilion, expressing his appreciation for the area: "We are delighted to be able to welcome you to the exhibition:

Baby Products Association has again this year created an independant UK Pavilion Directory which has proven to be a useful resource for purchasers looking for certain UK businesses and is lightweight and simple to transport.

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