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Soap-free hygiene products designed specifically for your baby's sensitive skin. Naturopathic products for baby and kids Two in one baby shower gels for baby and baby become two in one cleaning gels. 2 in 1 cleaning lotion for baby and baby, perfect for travelling from birth(1). Schaumshampoo for sensitive neonatal bristles, perfect for everyday rinsing of tufts associated with the weighing hat, from birth(1).

Dermocleansing becomes Gentle cleaning gels. Soft cleaning angel for baby and baby. Organ and scalp cleanser perfect for everyday use from birth(1). Babyshampoo turns into soft shorthair. Gentle baby and infant care Gentle product for the sensitive baby's or infant's sensitive coat, from birth(1).

Refill the bath with 37°C (98-99°F) bath and use the bath temperature gauge for orientation. Take your baby off and wash his ass. Keep your baby for the first few month by placing one under your shoulder and one under your ass. Never let your baby alone in the bath, no age difference, not even for a few seconds and there is only a small amount of it.

Do not use soap-free hygienic products designed specifically for your baby's sensitive skins. When your baby has dehydrated epidermis, select a hydrating formula rich in protecting and nurturing moisturisers (e.g. Cold Cream products). Rinse your baby's head and head every two to three day with a suitable conditioner that does not irritate his eye.

When it has a weighing hood, select a specific baby cream that will help you get rid of it. In order to wash his coat, use a jar, his toys jug, the bathtub or just the sink - depending on what is most comfortable. Rapidly swaddle your baby in a cotton cloth and then carefully wipe him off without wiping.

Watch especially for his buttocks and wrinkles (thighs, underarms, throat, legs, etc.). Moisten his complexion by rubbing his whole bod with a cold cream or cold cream-based cream if he has dehydrated complexion. When you have enough free space, you should give the baby a longer lasting treatment, something that will please you and the baby!

In order to make your baby's baby's epidermis soft and scented, you can apply a little bit of D.E.S. to his coat and belly.

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