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It is a great pleasure for us to announce our amazing five award wins at this year's Prima Baby Awards 2016, including four silver and one bronze. 10 best baby products for 2016 Many products are available on the shelves to help you capture your child's most important development and development goals, but this is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. A lot of people will identify with the annoying washing of baby water bottle, hoping to avoid the nasty odour or turbidity of the baby bottle.

Breakthrough manoeuvrability, the milky buster wash is a uniquely engineered flushing system with meticulously chosen features that have been shown to eliminate residual milky residue like no other flushing agent. SkyBaby offers an excellent little berth when you're travelling with your baby. Once you're done, the item just zips into a small box in the included pouch that attaches to the outside of every other pouch, conserving precious storage for you!

Here is a brilliant way to keep your baby from skidding and skidding on his high chair post! We introduce you to Baby Grippum - a non-slip pad that you place on your baby high chair to prevent it from sinking. When you are the mother of a young baby, you hardly need us to inform you about the advantages of having your hand free.

When you are looking for a high-quality baby carriers, you should take a look at it in 2016.

2016 Prima Baby Award winners

It is a great pleasure for us to announce our astonishing five awards at this year's Prima Baby Awards 2016, among them four silver and one bronze. Prima Baby's awards are presented at the beginning of the year to provide information to children about products and solutions that make their lives better.

These awards are about honoring those in the business who have had a truly beneficial influence on the educational community, so we couldn't be more happy to announce our stunning educational gains: Travelling products for babies and toddlers - SILBER - Eucalysis Foldable travel cot mattress. SILBER - Support Pillow - SILBER - Basic Pregnancy Support Pack.

SILBER - Long -sleeved sacks. HERO Pregnancy Product - BRONZE - Warmth-regulating cuddly pillow.

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