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Baby products - Kids There is something valuable about the hide that must be maintained. Our recognized expertise in dermal dermatology and the great attention paid to the selection of naturally derived substances allow our lab to create an expanded line of dermocosmetics and dermatology products that are safer and more efficient. Under the Mustela trademark, we are developing ranges of specific dermo-cosmetic products that can be used on the very sensitive skins of infants and young and pregnant women.

Our company has developped a full line of dermatological products for people with mild to serious skin diseases (Effizinc, Doxylis Gé, Procuta Gé). Finhair-Gé, which has been designed for the treatment of male &rogenic andopecia, also belongs to our dermatological product family. More and more our innovative line of skin care products for infants and toddlers - safer and more specialized.

Mustela, Mustela, the premier baby skin care and stretchmark product label marketed in European pharmacies*, satisfies not only the needs of young and pregnant women, but also those of their newborns. As Mustela aspires to an ever greater level of naturality, naturally derived products are preferred in its formulation.

The cosmetic product line was designed in cooperation with paediatricians and dermatologists. All products are available in a wide variety of colours. with the Mustela Bébé-Enfant series, in terms of volumes and value, in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. This is why we have launched the EV.E.I.L.S. Program (EValuation of Early Infant Life: the Skin). Together with a number of well-known dermatological scientists we conducted the first ever paediatric dermal studies from inception.

First, our scientists analyzed the baby skin's anatomy from the dermal barriers to the cell layer and the deepest epidermal layer. Children found that the baby's skins were enriched beyond what they could have conceived at birth: a richness of cell that would stay uniquely alive.

Following this invention, they worked their way deeply into the natural world and developed and patent a revolutionary new agent - Avocado Perseose - that works in perfect harmony with baby's skins to protect this valuable cellular base from external attack. The result of 12 years of research, this program has led to 13 patent and 41 scholarly papers and has resulted in the Mustela Bébé-Enfant series being entirely redesigned.

It is a revolution in product development that is even more efficient at fulfilling the needs of baby skin: Perseose® Avocado, a new-grade, patent-pending skincare ingredients that protect the epidermis, strengthen the skin's barriers and preserve its cellular richness, uniquely formulated pharmaceuticals and a uniquely fragranced formula that have ensured Mustela's continued health for decades.

Everyday products for baby skin: The Mustela® range includes a new breed of products that are the result of a series of cutting-edge research programmes that have been conducted around the world to identify the unique needs of the baby /newborn baby skins (including neonatal babies), whether the skins are regular, dehydrated, very delicate or very dehydrated. Stelatria® products, developed by Mustela research scientists, help restore the complexion and quickly alleviate your baby's irritation:

Impurities pale, leaving your baby's complexion soft and comfortable. Sprinkle this alcohol-free liquid, specially designed for your baby's sensitive skins, to ensure your baby is perfumed right from the start. Mustela's new SPF 50+ line of sunscreen products is highly tolerated and allergenic. Provides your baby with efficient UVA and UVB ray resistance without harming sensitive baby skins.

Mustela has used the avocado to extract a naturally occurring bio-mimetic agent (which imitates or replicates the structure and functioning of nature) to maintain the baby's cell diversity. Effects in complete balance with the complexion for optimal effectiveness and tolerability.

It is a proprietary skincare product that helps protect the complexion, strengthen the skin's protective layer and preserve cell diversity.

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