Baby Products Brands in India

Brands for baby products in India

Careers and our brands It is our policy to create or purchase brands that are number one in their class or have the opportunity to be number one. Our business is divided into 4 main categories: Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care, Food & Nutrition and Electricals. Our own brands include our first market-leading anti-bacterial hand wash - Carex, the number one baby in Asia Cussons Baby, our unique foam line and our Imperial Leatherbrand, to name a few.

There is also a great success story in the development of great locally brands such as the number one in Nigeria, the Zip laundry product line which first launched Mamador edible oils and the number one household appliance Thermocool. The brands we have purchased have led us into thrilling new worlds and emerging brands, such as our number one tanless St Tropez, the number one baby nutrition product in Australia Rafferty's Garden and the iconic Fudge iconic baby care name.

No matter where you are in the organization, everyone is invited to think about how we can further improve the life of our customers with great products - you never know you could be the source of our next big hit.

Once again, how brands got on the Royale baby procession....

Although there has been no lack of kingly infants and weddings to party in recent years, the British press has once again been ready for catchphrases, word games and beautiful images commemorating the arrival of the new heir. Amazon decided to apply for his baby monitor duty. In the meantime, the beverage label has made some not so uninvited proposals for baby names:

Whilst a king's birthday is an indispensable occasion for many brands to whip their goods, we were particularly struck by the Worktop Express experience. Warburton' stolen the show with the best wordplay - "a Royale Toast". The best literally fun this case went to Ryanair, who declared George RyanHeir........

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