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They can also find a list of our trustworthy organic traders. The brand was born from the passion of its founder, Sylvie Chantecaille, for nature and philanthropy and develops highly effective products from honest ingredients. Show allProductsProductsmore 100 percent Happiness money back guaranteeJust get your receipts and we'll give you your cash back. In case you do not have your receipts, we will give you back the cost of the products on that date. We also give you a 25% discount coupon the next times you buy something from our own brand assortment.

This warranty is subject to change or withdrawal at any notices. Remember: We cannot reimburse or change any medication or vitamin unless it is defective. Select from our extensive offer of healthy and wellness products under your own brand, from vitamines and mineral nutrients to food, exercise and sport food.

Momma Love Organics | Organic & Natural Baby Products

Momma Love Organics: Prizewinning care series for the little ones! Admittedly, some of these Essentials are really "essential", but after trials & errors and a bunch of cash, it's only when you can determine which products to use and which not. Mumma Love Organic - why should I vote?

Mumma Loverganics products are all organically grown, produced in the UK and specifically designed to calm and calm your baby in a naturally soothing way. All Mumma Love products are also clinical and pediatric certified - and have the eczema-friendly seal of quality! Which kinds of products will I find at Mumma Love Organics?

Since kids have an unbelievably energetic mind even when they're sleepy, Mumma Love Organics products provide a quiet and relaxing setting that lets your mind know it's getting slower.

Friugi Awards Friugi

We have been awarded a Queen's Enterprise for International Trade Awardwinning! And we are thrilled to be the first children's clothing company to ever receive a Queen's Appreciation. Loved By Partners Awards is one of the world' biggest and most trustworthy parent awards programs. Every item is parent evaluated and every parent evaluates it.

It has always been Junior's mission to present the very best with wonderfully styled, stylish products and brands for the demanding and style-conscious parents. Join the celebrations of the Junior Design Award and enjoy everything that' s good in the lives of a kid. Mumii Best Baby and Toddler Gear has become one of the premier prizes for the baby and infant sector.

The products are put through their paces by 100 parent, child and business professionals. As part of the Virgin Fast Track 100 Weeklyable, Frugi is pleased to be added to the Sunday Times'Ones to Watch' list. Ones to Watch is the best of the best, a top ten of businesses whose performance is just below the top ten, but which will continue to expand quickly in the near-term.

Feefo is trusted by tens of millions of brands to gather independent ratings from their clients - and these clients know that Feefo ratings are the business. It is our belief that only true valuations are valuable to be collected: true transactional feedbacks.

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