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They warned parents not to buy homeopathic childhood diseases online for babies. Our aim is to help you as parents: intelligent products and tips that make life easier for the whole family. Crashes over the stairs are the most common cause of serious injuries in baby walkers in Canada. Find out everything you need to know about your baby's development & innovative baby products to help parents.

Crashes over the stairs are the most common cause of serious injuries in baby walkers in Canada.

called on Johnson & Johnson to make $110 million in US talk cancers.

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) was ordered by a U.S. Supreme Court $110 million (85 million pounds) to disburse a female who says she diagnosed ovary cancers after using powdered thalassotherapy. Lois Slemp, 62, from Virginia, Missouri, said she was developing the disease after four centuries of using tallow products.

Attorneys for the prosecution of the case said that the firm had not sufficiently warned of the risk of developing the products. Expert say connections with ovary carcinoma are unsubstantiated. Judgement in a state tribunal in St. Louis is the biggest of around 2,400 cases against J&J for its talk-based products, according to Reuters Newspaper.

Mrs Slemp is currently receiving treatment after her ovary carcinoma, originally detected in 2012, was restored and transferred to her liver. However, she is still suffering from a severe disease. Said the products she used contained J&J's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder. "Again, we have shown that these corporations have ignored the science and continued to decline their responsibility to America's women," said Ted Meadows, a counsel for Mrs Slemp.

"Johnson is getting ready for more studies this year and we are continuing to protect the security of Johnson's baby powder," a declaration said. "รข??We have great understanding for the females and females affected by esophageal cancers. "J&J last year received three judgments from the juries in cases involving its talc-based products, but won its first lawsuit in March when a Missouri panel of judges took the company's side.

For years there have been fears that the use of talcum powders, especially on the genitalia, could raise the incidence of ovary cancers. On the basis of the composite evidences, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies talk used on the genitalia as "potentially carcinogenic". Alkaline minerals in their original forms contain asthma and cause cancers, but asbestos-free asthma has been used in baby powders and other cosmetic products since the seventies.

However, the results of the study on asbestos-free talcum are conflicting. This has been associated with a carcinogenic potential in some trials, but there are fears that research may be distorted as they often depend on humans to remember how much talk they used years ago. Others have suggested that there is no connection and that there is no connection between talcum in birth control products such as membranes and cotton balls (which would be located near the ovaries) and cancers.

Also, there seems to be no "dose effect" on talk, unlike known cancerogens such as smoking cigarettes, where the more you smok, the greater the chance of developing pulmonary cancers. How should a woman do? Ovacome says that there is no clear proof and that the most serious case is that the use of tallow can increase the chance of developing cancers by a third.

"Patients with ovary carcinoma are rarely ill, and raising a small one-third chance is still a small one. Even if talcum slightly increases the chance, very few females who use talcum will ever get ovary cancer."

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