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Untouched opportunities in China's baby bio foods markets This is also true for biological baby nutrition. Producers have the opportunity to create biological baby nutrition that meets this requirement. Prepackaged baby biofood can also motivate domestic consumption to re-evaluate the product as it is widely recognised that basic, home-made products for infants tended to be cleaner and more healthy than products purchased from retailers.

Despite rising customer demands, the China baby food industry is somewhat undeveloped. In addition, more than half of these bio launchings in China come under the baby formula powders sector, followed by cereals and then a snack range. There are a number of important product groups such as fruit, deserts and yoghurt that have no biological potential.

However, on the world markets, one third of the introduction of baby foods and drinks falls under the subcategory fruits, sweets and yoghurts. China's baby foods bio-sector is still small, especially for fruits. If, however, China's producers were inspired by the worldwide appeal of this sector, biofruit products could gain a foothold in the heart of China's consumers.

Loosening the Chinese one-child policies could also have a beneficial effect on ready-made baby nutrition. In discussions with the goverment to give incentives to those who want to have a second baby, soon there could be more monetary liberty for a family to buy better baby formula. China's baby and beverage producers could be given sufficient momentum to create packed organically grown fruits products to meet consumers' demands for better product qualities and organically grown baby nutrition and beverages.

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Conception: Caring for every baby in the whole you! Products:Strollers, Passenger cars, Weighing, High stools, Why should I chose us? 1.Zhongshan Zilkha Child Products Co. Ltd. is a full service baby products company. With 13 years of manufacturing expertise in children's products, we concentrate on the creation, designing, manufacturing and sale of a wide range of baby products.

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6. we mainly manufacture OEM products for several well-known European brand names, since the founding, JANE, CONCORD, Mamas&Papas and so on, they are valued customers in Zilkha. Our products are selling well in more than 10 different markets such as the Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, Korea, the United States and so on.

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