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Play mats, jumping cradles and baby swings - light rattles and children's toys Parents are often confused about what to use and when, given a wide range of baby cleaning and skin care products. University of Manchester experiments on the effects of certain branded products such as bath towels and baby wipes show that they are as safe as water. Learn more about the Studies of the effect of certain brands such as swimwear and baby towels show that they are as effective as drinking soap. The results of the survey showed that many hospitals' neo-natal care providers have taken it out of their storage cabinets - and nurses and healthcare professionals have altered their counsel to mother.

However, there was no genuine evidence-based research into products that could be bought by families from grocery stores. "Eczema is a major problem in midwife practice and there has been a lot of discussion in the press about whether you should use products on the epidermis or whether using bottled running water is the best thing to do," said Dame Tina.

"I was interested in bringing the proof to market so that parenting could make sound decisions. "The NICE regulations, which are now obsolete, only recommend drinking soda, but there was no hard proof out there. "We worked with mothers, nurses and healthcare professionals to find out what they thought about models of skins, and it became clear that there was much contradictory counsel.

"Females used products but tried to conceal them from healthcare workers. They seemed to feel false that they were indebted to use a commodity that position on the shelf - denounced for baby. "They wanted to use baby slings because it's handy. Using swim products, some teenagers felt that their baby was clean and it was helping with sleeping time.

And even nurses and healthcare workers said, "We shouldn't advise, but...". The Dame Tina research staff used rigorous observational and bio-physical evaluation instruments to test the products of Johnson and Johnson, the leaders in the field, who co-funded the research. This test was developed to show whether they are equal to moisture and moisture, PH and evaporative moisture.

Mothers were asked to keep a journal, and birth attendants captured impurities. Lady Tina relocated to Manchester five years ago because she is known for her research in care and the midwife.

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