Baby Products in Mumbai

Mumbai Baby Products

Baby products view in Mothercare stores in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. One of the leading manufacturers of baby care products. The Sion Municipal Hospital in Mumbai, India, is baby friendly.

Children's labor in Mumbai declining

One raid on Mumbai abducted kids has resulted in their numbers being compelled to work at the sidewalk eating stands, which are declining sharply, said policemen and campaigners. Research shows that increased effort by policemen, non-governmental organizations and other authorities and greater alertness on platform level have gradually reduced the use of infant labour.

In January, the organization charted 200,000 stores in Mumbai for over a week and found 500 children's laborers in as many stores - significantly fewer than in years before. The majority of the 500 children's laborers worked in eateries or street stands, living alone in Mumbai and not going to schools.

This decline is possibly the result of a severe raid that we carried out in 2015, when over 1,000 kids were saved and proceedings initiated against their employer. In 2016, the riot squad saved nearly 800 kids. The numbers are small because we have concentrated on street restaurants and groceries that have a tradition of employing children," said Kishor Bhamre, Pratham's Thomson Reuters Foundation leader.

Pratham stuck thank-you labels on the store wall as a discount for stores and restaurants that did not hire kids, giving store owners a little credit and a little bit of glory. We wanted this to be a marketing initiative to help us find businesses that keep kids busy and value those who don't," Bhamre said. Businesses where paediatric laborers have been found will be re-evaluated in a few workdays.

We must keep up the pressures or the numbers will rise again," said Patil of Mumbai PD. In 2015, the International Labour Organization predicted that India had 5.7 million children's laborers, out of 168 million worldwide. Over half of India's children's labourers work in farming and a fourth in production - embroidery, carpet-making, or matchmaking.

Kids also work in eateries, stores and hotel rooms as well as servants.

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