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Jumper hoodie in baby blue with NS-Logo on the front. Baby cabin Baby Shack Direct is an on-line store with a broad selection of products for infants, youngsters, expectant mothers and family. Our on-line store sells baby and motherhood products such as clothes, presents, games, furniture and much more. Design the logo and trademark for The Baby Shack. The project ranged from logo conception and design to the website and all the way to advertising material.

Our company established a trademark that was realized through visiting card, flyers, exhibition booths, advertising material and an eCommerce website.

Ella's cuisine

Get to know all about the characters your little one is prepared to start his withdrawal adventures + get useful advice and tricks on how to do it! It'?s bloody good to start your withdrawal trip. Find out how you can use our practical advice and useful video to get these little nerves of flavour into a whole host of different flavors.

Starting from 7 month you can present many thrilling new tastes and also a little touch of touch! Have a look at our recipe for suggestions on how you can give your child's meal a little boost. By the age of 10 month infants often have a few first teeths - find out how to keep these grinders occupied with our top tip!

There are many ways you can get your little ones to have lazy experiences with the whole team. Between 6-7 month the little ones can have a lot of pleasure themselves whilst being fed. Browse our tipps + tricks to choose the right meal for small hand! Have a look at the many funny ways you can nurture your little one's sense along his little flavour buds game!

The introduction of vegetables into our withdrawal process brings with it minute nerves of flavour that are used to create delicious aromas. We have lots of delicious hints + vegetable video to help your little one become a Little Lover forever!

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