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Rental of baby capsules (Maxi Cosi capsule specialist from Melbourne), Prahran, Victoria, Australia. Note that we cannot ship all our products internationally. Nova Harley Luxury Diaper Bag Buy - Melbourne | Diaper Bag

Nova Harley Luxury Melbourne is the epitome of contemporary elegance and refinement. Removable 13 image and zippered bags for all important baby products - changing pad, thermally isolated carrying bag for bottles, holders for bottles, nappies, dummies, towels, baby nappies, medicine, clothing, nappies, groceries, mothers' area and bag for keys.

Completely wipe off the Nova Harley inlay. Luxurious Nasspack. Extended collapsible belt. Luxurious, thermally insulating bag for bottles. Luxurious changing pad. Including longer and shorter reclining shoulders belt, luxurious heat-insulated carry case and luxurious changing pad. Isolated storage compartment for bottles. You should visit the products page for the latest information.

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Known as the "official" baby sleeping bags label, we have over 3 million Grobags on sale around the world. Now we have over 13 different products under our name, all of which have been developed to facilitate education. Learn more about why Gro products are so great:

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