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Buy from Lilycuddles and a wide selection of leading baby and maternity brands. Shipping free on all UK orders. Place your order before noon today and have your toys delivered free the next day!

Childrens textbooks, pedagogical toy & play, learn for pleasure. Purchase online

1 for Toys is an online toyshop that offers a broad selection of kids games and presents for young people. Please click HERE to access the website of 1 st For Toys. Floor baby and mini floor provide funny and funky clothes for infants, youngsters and kids.

Buy online at Boden or order the new children's and baby clothing catalog today. Complimentary delivery and return. Please click here to access the Boden website. DK has everything from active novels to math novels, from Carol Vorderman to Robert Winston, DK has novels for kids of all age groups and they're all 20% cheaper!

Find out about their Eyewitness Guides, Readers Guides, My First Board Books and more. Please click HERE to access the Dorling Kindersley website. The products range from important baby products such as baby sleep bags, diaper bags, night lights, baby carriers, footmuffs, development toys, etc. In addition to the main baby products, they also carry exclusive baby presents such as luxury soft toys, riding toys, baby blankets, baby casting kits, play mats, mobiles and much more.

Please click HERE to access the Baby Curls website. An amazing selection of top class teaching tools and game. Every single item has been meticulously chosen to encourage each child's willingness to learn through playing and activities. The offer is aimed at babies from childbirth up to the approximate 12 years of old. Further client sevices are an online wish slip maker, present packaging and next days delivery.

We are proud of the first rate services they offer our clients and regular receives endorsements in this regard.

Almost 70% of Americans buy online on a regular basis, almost 50% use free delivery.

In addition, 48 per cent of online shoppers admitted that they sometimes increase the sizes of their orders to reach the bottom of free deliveries. Consumer use the burgeoning online space to their benefit, looking for the best offers for products and related activities and online costs are rising. Although 28% of online shoppers agree to always select the online merchant with the cheapest pricing, average consumer charges are $114 per online order, boosting online retailing revenue from $264. $2 billion in 2013 to $304. $90 billion in 2014.

The contribution to the online order volume is the incentive for the consumer to fulfil or surpass the minimum requirements for free delivery. Last year, the most popular products used by online shoppers included books/eBooks (29 percent) and women's clothing, which rose from 25 per cent in 2013 to 27 per cent in 2014.

In 2014, online shoppers also ordered shoes more often (16 percent), compared with 12 per cent in 2013. What they have in common behind the three main online shopping category reports by the consumer, which include apparel/accessories (62 per cent), electronic goods (54 per cent) and gaming, toy and educational products (37 per cent), is that they contain occasional purchases rather than those to be made in the near or distant term.

Studies show that the most coveted articles are less liked by online shopkeepers, among them body products (31 percent) and furniture/house d├ęcor (30 percent). The most significant among the different demographics are the rate of buying and the buying volume in relation to the number of under 18s in the population.

Just 23 per cent of online shopping without kids at home shop online each week, as against 40 per cent for one kid, 56 per cent for two kids and 66 per cent for three or more kids. The value rises to USD 177 per order for a household with at least three years. In addition, it is more likely that homes with more kids will be included in an automated online reorderer.

For online shops in homes with three or more kids, 22 per cent said they used an online reorder facility, compared to 6 per cent of those without kids in the home. "Home based families with kids are more likely to be online shooters on a week to week basis, due to the combined effect of a higher need for consumables for their bigger homes and less spending to shop in their full diaries.

Besides the ease of ordering online and the ability to potentially save on item costs, online retailing can free families from having to travel to stores with kids who are likely to do useless shopping," Hulkower concludes.

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