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Shopping online in Nigeria | Shop baby clothes pram beds from Great Britain and the USA Online-Shops in Nigeria. Original baby products from Great Britain and the USA. An aesthetically pleasing baby product that only contributes to your interior. huggle is a unique one-stop shop for parents where you will find only the best in modern, healthy products and courses for you and your children.

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When I was on maternity vacation after having my kid Cameron, I launched my online shop in April 2016. There was a need for an online shop that offered a wide range of much needed baby items with a little personal touch and insight behind them. As well as allowing me to devote more of my life to my little baby, I enjoy managing my small company and giving me the chance to offer you these beautiful products.

My goal is to offer you high value products at reasonable cost. My goal is to introduce new products to the shop on a regular basis to help you and your baby with your daily needs. I' m very impassioned about my services and the product qualities and I want to offer you outstanding levels of support and fast deliveries so that you can receive your much needed products within a few working day.

One Stop Baby Shop sends within United Kingdom.

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Baby-Mobil is an aesthetic baby item that only contributes to your interior design.

Purchase Organic Baby Food Products

Looking for products, condiments..... Ella's kitchen products? You should never place our 4, 6 + 7 months bags in the oven; there are many other simple ways to warm them up. Always check the correct temperatures before adding warm feed to your baby.

  • To heat our 4, 6 + 7 months baby foods, the simplest way is to place the bag in boiling tap and give it a few moments to be warmed. - Choose between pressing our delicious baby foods into a microwaveable dish and heating them in the oven.

From 10 month our bags are absolutely microwavable. Could I have Ella's kitchen bag freezer? Smoothie Fruits and products from 4 month onwards should be chilled within 24 h after opening the bag and consumed immediately after defrosting. Our Ab 4 month bag can be cooled for up to 48h after opening and you can store our Ab 6, 7 + 10 month bags in the refrigerator for up to 24h after removing the closure.

May I take Ella's Kitchen products on an airplane? The bags are perfect for taking on an airplane - in fact, our delicious Bio Smoothie Fruits are delivered to children on British Airways outings! These tasty bio food products are made from simply good material that is best suited for small bellies.

All of our products are safe, handy and fun! We work very hard to make sure that all of our products are safe, easy to use and fun!

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