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All our products are made from organic milk. A list of Nestlé's main products in the UK can be found here. Reproduction of any part of this website is prohibited without the express permission of GME. You can now drink whole cow's milk and have whole milk products.

Ala Baby & Me Bio

SO WHY SHOULD THEY GO FOR BIO? All our products are made from bio-dairy. 100% biological breastmilk is used to make our baby breastmilk which is free of synthetic farm fungicides and chemical substances. Additional measures are taken to be nearer to Mother Earth by purchasing our dairy from organically grown holdings that comply with stringent EU labelling requirements.

Biological agriculture offers further sustainable development issues that are relevant to the environmental, human and community issues. And you and your baby will evolve and become strong every single second. Without instruction, practice or warming up, parenting your new baby will not be simple. You' re gonna be loving more than ever.

Thank you, your baby goes, talks and causes all sorts of problems.

Homepage - Pregnancy and baby counselling

During the first years of your education, our competent mother's staff will support you with professional hints, advices and suggestions. Sorry, there is no chat available at the moment. We are always available for a call at 0800 0 81 81 81 80 in the UK or 1800 931 832 in Ireland.

Ergonomics Baby

Understanding that you want the best and most safe products for your baby. Proud of the use of high grade, certificated material, manufactured in independent controlled plants that follow the principles of good business practice. The Ergobaby Carrier has received numerous internationally recognized products and medical labels and is the only baby carrier that has been ranked among the "Top 20 Baby Products" by Parenting for the past 20 years.

The Ergobaby is a " must-have " in many registers and new baby books. This means, however, that you as a parent may not buy the Ergobaby Carrier yourself, and we appreciate that many of you get an Ergobaby item as a present. Therefore, we ask that you verify this information and pass it on to your friend or relative who purchases the wearer and related products for you and your baby.

Buy authentically your own products? Buying real baby products is the best thing for you and your baby. Our aim is to ensure that all infants and young children are safely transported - and that you receive the top-notch products you deserve. Our aim is to ensure that all our products are safe and secure. Our products are authentically designed to provide responsive and personalized customer service, a 30-day probation time ( for intact returns) and excellent guarantees, service and protection, as well as the peace of mind offered by an Occupational Baby Carrier.

Behind our products we back them with a guarantee, because we go beyond that to guarantee a top class service for the security of your most valuable load. Therefore we guarantee for our products against material and processing faults. For the first twelve (12) month we will be replacing free of cost any Ergobaby Carrier or accessories that do not comply with our high requirements.

A proof of sale is required. Should you decide to buy from unauthorized resellers, you are doing so at your own peril and these products are not covered by warranties or supports. It is criminal - and to buy these products promotes these unacceptable activities. Buy only from authorised dealers, whether on-line or in-store. In order to make sure that you buy only original Ergobaby products, please keep in mind that we operate an officially recognized sales organization of authorised dealers and authorised on-line dealers:

Use caution when buying from road hawkers, garage sales, and unauthorised stores or wallet parties. "Ergobaby original products are sold through authorised dealers. Buying from an authorised retailer is at your own risks, and these products are not covered by warranties or supports.

Avoid products that appear weak or are obviously poorly manufactured. At Ergobaby, we are very proud to offer the highest value Ergobaby products. At Ergobaby we attach great importance to the packing of our products. Adjust the packing to the size of the final package. Fits the package exactly to the products? This may not be so evident, so also verify the Ergobaby Carrier's serial number on the package.

Like always, be careful not to make a buy that is "too good to be true." Buy only from authorized dealers. In order to make sure that you buy only original Ergobaby products, please keep in mind that we operate an authorized sales net of authorized dealers and authorized online dealers: Buying from these sites is at your own peril, and these products are not warranted or supported.

Unfortunately, Ergobaby is not liable for such sales; you must make such sales directly from the website from which you bought these products. Beware of sites that advertise Ergobaby products. except for the authorized retailers listed below. Searchengines ( like Google ) do not check sites that appear in their results in advance.

If you are doing transactions on-line, make sure your payment is made through sites that start with https:// (which's' stand for secure) and search for a padlock icon at the top/bottom of your web browsers. An SSL payment is required by all authorized Ergobaby dealers, the Ergobaby Authorized Web Site, and the Authorized Dealer Web sites. How is Ergobaby?

So far, we have closed over 2,300 locations. While we use a Web site to help us find Web sites that are not legitimate, we also depend on you to help us. Our customer support is thoughtful and responsive, with a 30-day probation time ( for intact returns) and excellent guarantees, workmanship and protection.

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