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Besides prams and car seats, you will also find wonderful baby products that will make your heart beat faster in our Baby Online Shop. phil&teds mod stroller is a perfect newborn stroller for the city. Would you like to be informed about new products and promotions?

Toddler Stroller Mod - The Best Opposite Stroller for Parents

Easy to transform the infant carriage infant chair model into a shallow modus that can be used up & down from the infant carriage for your baby! if your baby is able to seat tall, the infant carriage infant chair model transforms into a parental or forward leaning modus with multiple leaning option, so that you can face the parents for an individual bond or for nosy infants who face the globe and their autonomy and trust during your adventure in Parents' Day!

wiht its superlim-jim width, the mod pram folds together for effortlessness & comfort. storing or room is never an option in flats, autoboots or solid small coffee shops. with a 1 pc. tuck away crease, the mod pram is the most comfortable, intuitively, smart little pram you'll find. tod falls into one of the world's smallest upright pram creases when the seat is mounted, pointing in both directions.

Featuring phil&teds' characteristic low center of gravity, giving the ultimate pull-up pop-up & over curbs, the Mod pram knows how to manage the town better than any other 4-wheel pram! Feel the comfort of moving babies from your pram to your pram and back. just take your baby out of your pram to clip&go.

With phil&teds child safety seats and much more, it is available as a travelling system. The UPF50+ zipper and height-adjustable sun visor for maximum year round comfort! an oversized package compartment that can hold up to 10kg/22lbs. Keep your baby safe from the items with this custom-fit toe bag for your baby's pram. The cuddly toe foot bag couples to the head office and is designed for use in any seatback posture.

Gentle manual brakes & handlebars mean they have simple on/off controls and convenience to provide comfortable and secure driving for adults of all ages. Based on the classical modernistic artistic movements with a contemporary turn, the model is the most comprehensive full pushchair you will find for municipal adults.

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