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Mama & Baby Caring Baby Cream

The best baby creme ever! It was a great baby massaging creme, and he never had a nappy break! I' m writing this creme to save his butt (no wordplay intended;) it's thick enough to offer a moisturizing barrier while still being soft enough for the baby's sensitive epidermis.

Me and my mother use it as wrinkle too, it's so good. It had a really dried complexion, scratches a great deal and starts to look flaky.

I' ve tried a bunch of products from low to high end, mostly on the naturals, some of the best out there - so I was skeptical that this would do something better than any other of them. Young boy I was mistaken.... after one use the whole part of his face is like his ass, smooth and smooth, well moisturized and has remained so ever since.

Traumprodukt for the baby! and I' m as lucky as we've been. Your epidermis felt smooth again and the dried areas began to melt. It'?s expensive, yeah, but I don't have much time.

As we do not bath very often at the age of 18 months, he already has an incredible complexion. It is this way that this creme will help to maintain them. Supple, nourishing, quickly absorbed and softens the complexion for whole-day. Can' tell you enough how much I loved that creme.

He had the driest roughness on his stomach - we tried everything (Aveena, Vaseline, prescription cream from his doctor), but nothing worked so well! Smooth, calming, amazingly smelling, his raw complexion immediately became clear.

I' m a users of kills, so I just opted to give a syringe for the baby creme. Somewhat thick, but great to stay moisturized in Canada. My two kids have very dehydrated skins in cold weather, especially on their cheek.

These creams keep you moist, do not burn your eye or scalp if you shake or rub them over and over again:)

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