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UK Nursery and Baby Products wholesale - Ardega Nursery Distributors Headquartered in Suffolk, Ardega nursery distributor specializes in the sale of baby products such as baby guards, travelling equipment, security products, food and pots. Kindergarten professionals work with a number of top names within the industry, among them AirflowBaby, BlindSides, BreathableBaby, Bo Jungle, Callow Esse. Proud to offer a wide variety of innovating and high value baby products, award-winning brand names and flawless after sales services.

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Distributors are an ideal way to get truly cutting-edge and thrilling products from around the globe - as are some of the major British brand names. The development of a good thing is a good thing, you have to buy it. We recommend that you use a dealer to process the transaction.

Retailers can stock your products so that they can be shipped quickly; they can take care of all invoicing; and of course it's more cost-effective because a retail can order a larger selection of products and have them all shipped at the same to you. It makes even more sense to sell your products abroad.

Baby&More's product lines cover a number of kindergarten category, among them nutrition, sleeping, swimming, teeth, pram equipment and specific needs. It is Baby&More's pride to be the UK's sole distribution partner for one of New Zealand's most beloved tree care products - the Mum 2 Mum Wonder Bib series. Mum 2 Mum Wonder bib series offers many different style, colors and design, among them early bib, bib with sleeves and tether ribbon bib.

Double bolt closure allows each baby seat to wax with the baby, and different style complements the baby and infant outfit. The Baby&More range has also added the new Mum 2 Mum Bamboo range, which is highly appreciated by environmentally aware families, as well as a range of Mum 2 Mum Baby hoodies, Kiddie pet linens and diapers.

In addition to selling products that make things easy for mum and dad, Baby&More's small and fun loving staff also makes things easy for their retail clients with a web site that is easy to use on the move, allowing clients to get up-to-date inventory and information at the touch of a mouse. A small company unit, the company aims to build good customer relations to help the tree care sector.

For this purpose, they provide small business owners with free sample products, free of charge coverage, free of charge delivery, free of charge delivery, free of charge through Baby&More's 20,000 loyal fans on the same day, low order limits, and free of charge coverage. Waitrose and the independant baby area are among the actual clients of Kindergarten. In addition to the kindergarten market, Baby&More has expanded into the care and disability market with the Clever Grip Training cutlery and Mum 2 Mum PLUS collection: baby and adolescent drip pads and garment guards that are great care solution for nurses.

All of Baby&More's branded products are supported by extensive brand management, which includes promotional material, free sample products, customer PR and retail management to help increase revenue for its clients. Are you a mother-inspired company looking for a vibrant and kind distribution partner? We would be delighted to hearing from you!

More than 10 years in the business, the company has quickly become the UK's biggest independant distribution partner in the kindergarten market, with a range of products that are unique, original and thrilling, with world-leading brand names that attract children and adults both! Known for our customer expertise, we have vast expertise in delivering high value products and concentrate on four core areas: care, health, sanitation and apparel.

We have been a success because we provide domestic merchants, wholesale merchants and independents with a uniquely strong blend of highly competitively priced products, excellent versatility and a high degree of individual customer care and attentiveness. Recently we were awarded the Sophie la graf cosmetic icon assortment, which is already proving a success throughout the UK retailing industry.

Swandoo has also acquired sales privileges for its new line of Swandoo seats and we will be working with Elvie to bring their high-tech line to the UK consumer electronics markets. Several new British brand names will also be launched this year - from HotTea Mama's maternity tea line for mothers and maternity to the Simply Coconuts line of moisturizers, towels and diaper bags.

The breathtaking new series of diaper cases by Zellie and Marie Louise Maternity also caused a sensation - both unmistakable and each featuring their own interpretation of a contemporary case for a mom. Bringing infants to bed always brings out a varied product line - we have the award-winning Lulla Doll and a burgeoning selection of Whisbear bringing their Sloth to market in AW18, which will certainly be a big hit.

Another new feature in the UK is MyBaby's large and economical offering of handheld whispering devices and neat nightlights. No-MOQ and full drop ship services available to e-commerce nurseries as always - and freight free first orders for all new clients. Throughout its 22 years in the business, it has become a reliable and recognized name among shoppers, producers, retailers as well as parenting.

Being the first and only UK reseller to work with independents through a Click & Collect franchise and offering all resellers committed on-the-road retail selling assistance, it is not surprising that Cheeky Rascals is recognized as one of the major market leaders and influencers in the tree care industry. Cheeky Rascals has experienced significant expansion and built an envious brand pipeline, from a basic mission to sourcing great products that make living as easy as possible for British family members.

This year Cheeky Rascals' growth will continue with an increasing number of employees and the further evolution of its own labels; the Fred home security label and the groundbreaking Izmi baby sling as well as the inclusion of the Familidoo Air in the product line - a light, super-compact stroller that is perfect in today's fast-moving metropolitan environments where it' s difficult to find where and when.

Cheeky Rascals has not only established itself within the national and global community, but is proud of its corporate citizenship and gives back to community based organizations through contributions, spending and practical assistance. Designed as a pre-natal buy, it gives independents the option of securing high chair sales at a point when they are most likely to respond to help and guidance.

Cognikids, a line of baby food and apparel products that support the baby's neurologic evolution and help create the cornerstones for its further evolution, new for 2018, including Grip, the ideal addition to almost any water-bottle. There is more to their toy offer than just being cute and cuddly, it is stuffed with a function that helps kids of all age groups sleep in peace and sleep all day long.

Another new product for 2018 is My Baby mattress, one of the biggest producers of mattresses in Europe with over 40 years of expertise. Each My Baby product fabric is fully breatheable and uses an advanced ANTI-MITE system that provides the baby with secure, convenient and secure protection. The DCUK has earned a good name for itself in selecting its paths to readiness for the retail trade and recognises the importance of independant and domestic retail outlets in establishing brands.

The geographical exclusiveness, where products justify this, and the careful selection of trading partner contribute to maintaining profit margin. Societal activities, blogs, online review, accolades and managed presence at baby shows are an important part of the contemporary online marketplace. The DCUK also offers assistance and consultancy to help US brand owners take their first steps into Europe by tailoring their products to the UK and EU market and setting up retailers.

Angelcare's product line comprises award-winning baby monitors, bath mounts and seats as well as proven diaper disposal systems. Throughout the years, Hardenberg & Co has taken pride in bringing the most cutting-edge, useful, safety-conscious sleeping and baby products to markets. Angelcare baby monitors are something really unique, offering motion recognition combined with audio and visuals.

Appreciated and beloved by adults around the globe, this award-winning line of motion screens is engineered to help children help themselves to relaxation. Baby's award-winning bathing and seating series is also popular with infants and adults all over the globe. The H&Co Pabobo series of bedside lamps is also available, perfect for those who want to calm their baby or infant and make a good night's rest.

At Hardenberg & Co, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting ways to help revolutionize the baby food world. When you have a H&Co products or an innovation that would use the H&Co contact, send us an email, we are always glad about a chats! The Hippychick mission is to make sure their clients are successful even in tumultuous periods and they have an outstanding staff, among them a new Head of Distribution at the Somerset Headquarters, who provides targeted retail assistance.

"First and foremost, we have free trade to thank for our prosperity. At Hippychick we have always been loyal to this industry and we wanted to take this chance to inform those who don't work with us about our extensive range of services. The Hippychick Hippy Chick Hippy Club is always on hand to select products, many of which are even grown up.

There is nothing that stands up to these stringent tests that they don't really consider to be a useful, practical and good-looking one. The products that get the customer through the doors, without a doubt. In close collaboration with large and small merchants, online shops and super markets, we are proud of our capability to introduce new technologies to the world.

Over more than three centuries, we have built strong partnerships with many of the world's top suppliers, allowing us to discover and find new products that complement our fast-growing family. We continue to expand our childcare product line from starch to starch with a comprehensive offering of technological baby sleep, feed and care products, baby monitoring, night lights, motion and respiratory screens, breastpumps, sterilizers, moisturizers and more.

As the only UK sales partner for BT baby monitor products, we have UK exclusivity for many breakthrough brand names, such as Snuza, the only UK medical grade baby breath display, and Playbrush, an award-winning appliance that promotes better child mouth care by making brushwork engaging and entertaining.

Enchanting and stylistic air moisturizers from the US label Crane as well as an extended assortment of Beurer' products for baby hygiene round off the assortment. We provide manufacturers with a straight path to UK tier 1 retail so they can quickly and cost-effectively place their products in front of their targeted customer base.

We offer retail customers a comprehensive array of cutting edge technological offerings from major vendors - as well as a burgeoning number of specialty brand names - all backed by our dedication to accountmanagement and excellent level of client service. Combining our customer-focused franchise model with in-depth sector expertise makes us the perfect choice for retail customers looking for brand and private brand life style technologies.

Being the exclusive distributors of BABYZEN and BABYZEN and BABYZEN in the UK and as the exclusive distributors of BABYZEN and BABYZEN in the UK, we are delighted to be a part of launching a range of fun and fashionable products to the UK and Ireland markets. Equipped with the ambition to expand the tree care sector, Whitestep was created. Dedicated to baby and children's products with a special touch, it procures fun, cutting edge brand names that deliver stylistic, groundbreaking products that are beloved by families and their kids alike.

Whitestep distributes to a number of the UK's biggest retail chains including John Lewis, Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Boots and the legendary Harrods in London and over 100 other smaller independently owned businesses, and prides itself on the sector's appreciation and expansion over the past 10 years.

Incorporating the award-winning BABYZEN pram and accessory series BABYZEN?, the BABYZEN YOYO+ is full of innovations and known throughout the world for its simple folding mechanisms and groundbreaking practicality. Whitestep latest additions are Grab and Go Baby Restraint (mifold), a first ever combination of comfort and security - its chic and lightweight styling makes it simple for parent and kids to carry and keep them safe in unforeseen situations.

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