Baby Rattle


We have structured linkies, sensory wrist and rattle sets and water bites to soothe and stimulate your baby's senses. Battery-powered, motion-activated rattle with sounds, music and various textures that is easy for small hands to grasp. Tooth teething can be a difficult phase for children and parents alike, so relieve the pain with a teething ring or baby rattle.

rattle baby & teething rings

With our range of baby rattle and bite ring products you can alleviate gingivitis. We have structured linkages, sensorial hand and rattle kits and aquatic biter to calm and energize your baby's sense of smell. One of the most beloved choices, the adorable Sophie the giraffe teeth ring and teeth ring brings a grin to your baby's face and are made of 100% virgin 100% latex.

Exactly the right fit for small hand, the bite-rings are light and light to use. Tooting is a difficult times for you and the baby, so keep them busy with a wide range of light and colorful baby rattle and biting rings.

Worth looking out for in a baby rattle

Many of us thought a baby rattle was our first game. However, with the multitude of baby rattle on the open market, how do you know if you have made the right choice? Looking for these important functions, you are sure to find the right rattle for your baby.

Consequently, the perfect baby rattle is fluffy, non-toxic and large enough not to be swallowed (at least 2" in diameter). Ensure that there are no loosely fitting parts or fissured corners on the toy that could present extra risk. Mature infants can be aggressively chewy, so always substitute all your chewing toy as these harsh areas can scratch or slice your baby's scalp or lips.

In addition to keeping them busy longer, visual stimulation games help infants learnt to follow things with their eyeballs, which greatly improves their eyesight. Smooth, cushioned rattle have the added benefit of relieving infants' painful toes. This Rufus rabbit rattle in purple or purple is ultra-soft, long-lasting and machine-washable for limitless playing time at any ages.

Toddlers about 2-3 month of age are enthusiastic about making sounds, and this loud toy can help them master how to use their own palms. On the other side, older baby chews toy.

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