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One of the best-known specialist dealers for parents and infants, Mothercare is clearly a firm favourite with the mothers of BabyCentre. children dealers in cars "endanger the life of babies" - Which ones? Latest updates

We' ve sent test buyers to all the leading auto dealers. You posed as a parent arming a baby car seat. Well, I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm not. All in all, we attended 213 branches and, measured by a 100% response to the right question, we saw a default ratio of 89%. Mamas & Papas and John Lewis reached the low point with what we consider to be a low default ratio of 100%.

The best performance of all the retailers we met was at Holfords, but the failure ratio was still 83% compared to our range. We advise our mum and dad not to buy a chair until you try it first. Have your vehicle safety harness always installed by a qualified specialist. Automobile seating - which retailers are the best?

  • Learn who was at the top and how other retailers, even independently, had it. Halfords, Mothercare, Smyths, John Lewis, Mamas & Papas and a number of independant retailers. Buyers pretended to be clients who wanted to retrofit a baby carrier for a 9-month-old baby weighing 9 kg. 95 percent of the shops we went to asked about the baby's ages and not its size or size.

Old-age is a starting point, but it is not the best way to choose a babychair. But 18% of the interviewed assistant did not ask in which vehicle the chair would sit. Are you going to use the auto occupant in other cars? Demonstrating the assembly of the auto seats is essential as it allows them to see what they are purchasing and make sure it is the best auto seats for them, their baby and their auto, but almost a fourth (23%) of the wizards did not do so.

As our babysters posed, their families moved from one baby chair to the next. Rotating a baby forward too soon is a possible security hazard. Speaking for the company, a spokesman for the company said: "At Holfords we take child security very seriously. and have been designed in collaboration with auto seating companies.

Lewis said, "We take the sale of automobile seating very seriously and have spent significant resources and resources in this area to make it right for our clients. There are also a number of secret stores that are run by a third person and follow all the instructions below to guarantee the best possible education.

What is most frustrating is that these are not the first security deficiencies we have seen. What? The automobile seats retail trade in 2011, 2012 and 2014 were examined. Each of these years we got similarly shocked results reported back to retailers. During our 2014 survey, 9 out of 10 retailers fail our test for fixing seats, promising to track and correct the problem.

As Lisa Galliers, the automotive seating specialist, says: "Years later we really shouldn't see such results any more. It is obvious that retailers have a real interest in enhancing their business consulting by participating in our encounters, and we have always said that we would rather see a parent buy in a shop than buy now.

The report contains all the crucial issues that need to be addressed to ensure that important security information is not overlooked. One of the biggest automotive seating myth shows featured a visit to a grand total of 213 retailers spread across 10 different areas of the UK. All the big dealers in automobile seats were among them: HALFORD's (86), Mothercare (52), Smyths (36), John Lewis (12), Mamas & Papas (7) and a number of independents (20).

And the number of times each dealer was visited (in brackets) was a snapshot of the number of shops across the UK selling seats. Issues raised with automotive seating professionals and producers were all assessed the same. Dealers were labeled with a "failure" when a query was not asked, or there was no sympathy for the subject shown, or the sales force just did not tell why they had not asked the query.

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